Best 18 Essentials Kayak Fishing Accessories [NEW 2022]

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Kayak fishing has grown in popularity as an alternative to using a bigger, more traditional boat. The main benefit of using a kayak is the compactness and ease of transport. A kayak’s small size allows it to be easily transported by car, as well as on top of another vehicle.

If you’re looking to get into kayak fishing, it is important to understand which gear items are the most essential. The following list offers some of the most important items for every trip and lists them in order of importance.

What is the best gear for kayak fishing? There are many items to choose from and it can be overwhelming, especially for first-time kayak fisherman. Let’s take a closer look at the 18 most Essentials Kayak Fishing Accessories for kayak fishing.

1. Personal Flotation Device

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Kayak fishing is a fun, family-friendly sport, but it carries far more risk than traditional fishing. One single tip of a kayak can lead to a serious injury or even death. This is why all kayaks and accessories should be purchased with safety in mind.

A personal flotation device should be worn at all times by kayak anglers, no matter where they are on the water. A PFD can help keep you afloat, even if you sustain head injuries or other conditions that would otherwise make it difficult to stay above water.

As the kayak fishing industry has grown, so too have the number of anglers and innovators designing new PFDs geared specifically toward this niche community. One such innovation is the Men’s Kayak Fishing Vest, which features dual zippered front pockets that offer easy-access storage for things like a camera, phone or tackle box while keeping them protected from the elements.

Having a PFD is one of the most important essentials kayak fishing accessories item an angler can have in their possession. Going without one means putting yourself at a severe risk. 

2. Paddle

All pedal-driven kayaks will come with a paddle, but if you don’t have one, one is something that should be added to your cart before checkout. Having a paddle on hand can help you out in a variety of situations. For example, if something happens to the motor or shaft of your kayak, you can still paddle to safety.

A paddle can be used in the event that your pedal system is broken or malfunctions. We recommend keeping a paddle on hand for your safety. A paddle is one of the most essentials kayak fishing accessories, and keeping it stowed away on your kayak’s side will ensure that it doesn’t needlessly clutter up your vessel or get in the way while fishing.

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3. Leash or Bungee Cords

Whether you are casting, trolling or drifting, one thought is always on the minds of anglers: how to keep their gear safe while fishing. Kayaks are at an increased risk of tipping over, meaning any gear you have sitting on top of your vessel is likely to be lost in the event that you do find yourself taking a tumble.

Whether you’re heading out on a family vacation or have a weekend getaway planned with friends, you’ll want to take along an adequate number of leashes or bungee cords for all your gear. This will prevent losing your expensive tackle and other equipment which may happen without them.

4. Anchor 

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Kayaks have the advantage of being extremely lightweight, making them easy to carry to your fishing hole. However, if a windy day comes upon you when you are out on the water, it’s important to have an anchor for protection against waves and rough waters.

Anchor trolley systems allow you to paddle along and deploy an anchor quickly and efficiently. Designed to attach to existing kayak storage wells or deck rigging, these systems make it easy to deploy an anchor quickly and efficiently.

It takes a lot of skill and practice to learn how to fish, but the right equipment will make a big difference. The right anchor can help you stay in position while waiting on a bite.

5. Anchor Trolley

An anchor trolley is a must-have essentials kayak fishing accessories if you plan to make use of your kayak’s anchor. A great anchor trolley allows you to deploy the anchor on command and allows for easy retrieval, even if conditions get rocky.

We can’t stress enough how important an anchor trolley is for your kayak. Having an easy way to keep your boat in position and facing the right direction can be the difference between catching fish and not catching any fish at all.

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6. Kayak Cart

Some kayaks are much easier to handle than others, so a trolley or cart can be an excellent option.

Sometimes anglers find themselves having to get creative in launching their kayak in the most ideal spot, and there isn’t always a boat ramp to make things easy. The ABN Universal Kayak Carrier is the perfect answer for transporting your kayak from place to place, or if you simply want an easier way to load up before heading out onto the water.

The ABN Universal Kayak Carrier is easy to use and can be attached directly onto your vehicle or stored easily inside for when you’re not using this essentials kayak fishing accessories.

7. Fish Finder

Fish finders are electronic devices that are essentials kayak fishing accessories, which can help people find the location of fish underwater in lakes and rivers. They do this by transmitting sound waves through the water and then interpret the echoes and reflections that return to the instrument.

They are commonly used by anglers and fishermen as an aid in finding the best fishing location, pinpointing the location of specific fish species, and navigating through water flows.

8. Landing Net

A net can be your essentials kayak fishing accessories – a best friend when it comes to kayak fishing. Whether you’re landing a trophy-size king salmon, fighting a shoreline predator or battling barracuda on your next surf fishing adventure, having a net at the ready can make the difference between cutting loose and bringing home dinner.

Kayak fishing is more serious than most people think. While trolling, you’re limited to the amount of movement you can make while fishing and your ability to hold a fish on your line. This can be a problem when attempting to land a nice fish, because the angler must maintain control throughout the fight.

9. Lip Grips

On a kayak or canoe, it can be difficult to keep a good hold on the fish while you’re busy removing your hooks and logging your catch. Lip grips are a valuable tool for any kayak angler, keeping the fish safe and secure while allowing you to operate your terminal tackle independently.

Anglers who use lip grips as essentials kayak fishing accessories and find themselves with a fish on the deck, but not quite over it, can utilize this tool to help gain control of their catch.

10. Multi-Tool

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Fishing from a kayak is an enjoyable and peaceful way to spend a day in nature. Unfortunately, every time you set foot into the water without a motor, there are always going to be unexpected problems that crop up throughout each trip that could have been easily prevented had you brought with you a proper multi-tool.

A multi-tool one of the must-have essentials kayak fishing accessories for any fisherman to carry along with them. This tool will be able to take on many different tasks without the need for multiple tools. It’s like having a Swiss Army Knife in your pocket, but much more compact and easy to store.

11. Rod Holders

Fishing kayaks are available in many models and designs, but most will come standard with one or more rod holders. These essentials kayak fishing accessories can be used to hold fishing rods in place while you fish, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand rather than worrying about where your rods are.

Many of the most sought-after kayaks feature a number of gear tracks along the sides, bow and stern of their kayak. Anglers can use these tracks to install any number of rod holders to fulfill various functions on the water, allowing them to customize their gear setup for each fishing trip.

Extra rod holders make it easy to tuck a few extra rods away in the right place. These rod holders will help you keep trolling rods ready in case you need to make an emergency change of direction, or to quickly reach out and reel in a catch when you spot a fish.

12. Kayak Fishing Clothing – Essentials Kayak Fishing Accessories

Kayaking is been around for thousands of years and ever since mankind has desired to explore their surroundings, the kayak has been a vehicle of choice. The latest advances in the sport have led to its very own niche with even professional anglers becoming avid fans of kayak fishing.

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If you love and enjoy fishing, then you may need some fishing supplies to help you in your hobby. Fishing is a great hobby; it is fun and relaxing. And if you have the right fishing supplies, fishing can be even more fun!

With these tips, you can learn how to dress yourself for maximum comfort and performance on the water and how to put together a wardrobe that will help you catch more fish.

13. Dry Bag

If your fishing kayak does not feature dry storage compartments or hatches, dry bags can be an excellent way to keep essentials kayak fishing accessories safe and secure out of the elements.

A dry bag is a waterproof bag used to store valuables and food when you are on the water. Many anglers stow their dry bags in live wells or storage hatches, but there is no consensus as to whether this is overkill. It is important to keep your most valuable items like wallets, cell phones and keys dry.

14. Flag & Lights

With a large, tall flag, your kayak will be easily visible from as great a distance as possible from boats. Properly display this flag along with other safety equipment on your kayak so that you can avoid collisions with larger vessels or navigate around them without putting yourself in danger.

It is a good idea to add lights as essentials kayak fishing accessories to your kayak. You should have at least one red and one white light installed, although the more the merrier. The red light will help you be seen by other boats on the water. The white light will help you see what’s below you when fishing at night.

15. Flashlight or Headlamp

When it comes to kayak fishing, being prepared for all kinds of emergencies is critical. Whether it’s bringing along a headlamp or flashlight to signal nearby boats if you do get stranded or simply allowing you to find your way back home, having a waterproof flashlight can prove to be extremely important.

16. First-Aid Kit – “Safety First”

Having a first-aid kit on hand is critical in the event of an injury or sickness. Completing long trips into areas without cell phone signal can leave you stranded if you are unable to communicate with friends or family during an emergency. All aboard first-aid kits are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of kayakers and fishing enthusiasts, making them the perfect companions for your next trip out on the water.

17. Whistle or Air Horn

A kayak whistle or air horn can be a lifesaver when needed. Some would even say that it should be required on all kayaks. The loud, shrill noise emitted by a whistle can be heard over the sounds of waves breaking upon shore and other noises in a busy marina or other waterway.

By having a whistle as essentials kayak fishing accessories on your PFD, you’re ready for any situation. Whether your kayak capsizes or you’re caught in a sudden storm, having a whistle on hand can be the difference between life and death.

18. Rope

Having extra rope can be helpful when securing your kayak to other vessels, tying the boat off to a structure onshore, or tieing it off to yourself. A small amount of rope can prove its usefulness many times over and having an emergency backup can really save your trip if you are paddling in remote areas.


Kayak fishing can be a lot of fun, but it also requires lots of essentials kayak fishing accessories. Having the right tools with you will help ensure that you are safe, have fun and (hopefully) catch more fish!

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