11 Essential Camping Gear Checklist

Essential Camping Gear Checklist

Camping is a cheap and fun way to get out of the city and spend time with friends. The exhilaration of sleeping under the stars can be so tempting that you may have trouble resisting the urge. The availability of camping gear and gadgets make it easy for even newcomers to embrace the joys of going semi-off-the-grid for just one night, or for an entire weekend.

Mazeshirt here to help with our first-timer’s guide to camping: how to prep for your trip, what to pack for every season and climate, and more. Checkout our list for essential camping gear to help you get ideas for camping this weekend with family and friends.

1. Tent

Picking out a camping tent is like buying a house — it’s important to know exactly what type you need. That starts with asking yourself a few questions: What kind of terrain will you be going to? How much walking will you have to do to get to the campsite? Will it be hot or cold weather? Big tent or small tent? This will help you determine how much shelter you’ll need and what types are out there.

Different tents cater to specific activities, so choose something that fits the occasion. For example, if you’re going on a family vacation where your primary activity is hiking and spending time together, but the kids may want to play outside the tent, look for one that has room for a few air mattresses and is easy to set up by one person whether they’re 5 or 55.

essential camping gear
essential camping gear

2. Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bags for camping are one of the most essentials for your trip unless you plan to sleep in a camping tent. In some instances it may be the only thing separating you from sub-freezing temperatures when you fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night. There are really two main questions to ask yourself when selecting a sleeping bag: what’s the temperature rating and what are you going to be using it for? This will help answer those questions, as there are certain types of bags designed for certain purposes.

If you’re looking to purchase a sleeping bag in preparation for your first camping trip, you will want something with high quality and performance, but also that isn’t too expensive, and compact enough to easily store. One high-quality option is the Marmot Ultra Elite 20° Sleeping Bag. This mummy style bag is lightweight, durable, and very efficiently insulated to keep you warm in almost all weather conditions.

3. Sleeping Pad

Next to your sleeping bag and tent, sleeping pads are one of the most important items you’ll need when packing up to spend the night in the great outdoors. They’re not just for comfort – they keep you warm, protect you from sharp objects on the ground and provide an insulated barrier between you and the cold ground.

4. Camping Pillow

For comfort, bring at least one essential camping gear you don’t want to forget: a pillow. This is one item that’s easily overlooked yet often necessary for sleep, especially for new campers who aren’t used to sleeping on the ground. It will contribute greatly to your overall experience, so take the time to choose a good one.

5. Foldable Chairs

Outfitting a campsite isn’t easy, but once you have the basics, it can get a lot easier. Chairs may be underrated, but they are a great way to rest, eat and drink at your campsite without all the hassle of laying out on the ground. They also make for perfect back-up seating for when you have company over for dinner or just want to relax around the campfire after dark.

6. Portable Stove

Camping stoves are probably the most important piece of essential camping gear to acquire, seeing as how we’re sure that you’re planning on cooking at least one or two meals around the campfire. If you’re looking for a reliable, simple option that won’t take up too much space, it’s hard to go wrong with a single burner. Some have the option to be used over an open flame, while others run off of propane or gas.

7. Plates And Utensils

Plastic dishes are good and convenient, but they can be a hassle to clean. Go green by bringing along a reusable set of plates, bowls, and utensils made from natural materials. Lay out two sets per person so that everyone has his or her own space to eat and snack.

8. Bug Spray And Sunscreen

Bug spray and sunscreen. You won’t want to forget these two easy-to-pack essential camping gear when it comes to camping trips. For instance, even on cloudy days, you’ll still want to protect your skin from the sun outside and for that, bug spray is a must! And given that other bugs, such as ticks and mosquitos, may be lurking, you’ll most certainly want to cover up with bug spray too―you never know what you might run into when outdoors.

9. Lighting

Pack a headlamp or small camping lamp and use it to illuminate the tent, or use the lamp to light up an outdoor table so you can play cards even after dark. These lamps are great for campers who don’t want to leave their cabins and fire at night, and they make it a lot easier to navigate a campsite after dark.

10. Toiletries

Traveling isn’t always glamorous, and sometimes you just don’t have access to large hotel rooms with full bath facilities like you do at the hotel. Whether you’re staying in a tent, or an RV, or sharing bathrooms with strangers, keep things hygienic by packing essential toiletry basics, like bandaids and a mini-first aid kit, as well.

11. Proper Clothing

Wondering which clothes will work best depending on the season or location? While the details of your trip will determine exactly what to bring, here are some suggestions to get you started.

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Camping is an adventure that everyone should enjoy. Whether you’re experiencing the great outdoors for the first time or looking for a new location, this essential camping gear list will help you be prepared for your trip. Make sure to plan carefully and follow Mazeshirt for more camping tips !

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