Best 4 Tips For Backyard Camping With Kids


Camping near home is an easy and convenient option that lets you enjoy all of the benefits of backyard camping – fresh air, exercise, family time and learning about nature- without a lot of planning and preparation. Your backyard camping provides an ideal setting and you’re always nearby if your kids need you.

Let Help With the Tent

Kids who are old enough to help you set up the tent will likely want to do it themselves. That’s great, because they’ll love the experience, and they’ll start counting down the days until their backyard camping trip even sooner.

Whether you end up setting it up yourself or partnering with a child, carrying on an easygoing conversation throughout the setup will help make your backyard campout feel like a fun family activity rather than a rushed production. If you don’t know how to choose the suitable camping tent, check out this video

Build A Fire

Camping isn’t camping without a fire. If you don’t already have one, buy a fire ring or fire bowl at most lawn and garden stores for less than $50. Let the kids help stack the wood and kindling and place tinder in the ring. It’s a great teachable moment about fire safety and skill building for your little ones.

Try making ghost stories a thing around the campfire! Add some extra fun to your backyard adventure by telling ghost stories to get everyone in on the fun!

Have a “Real Campfire Meal”

backyard camping campfire meals
campfire meal

Hot dogs are a traditional camp meal. Get some roasting sticks, get some pre-cooked hotdogs (make sure to have extras if some get burnt) and let the kids have their own cookout. If you want to have a little fun with it, check out the Fire Buggz Roasting Sticks. With a flick of the wrist, you can roast both sides of a hotdog or marshmallow, and kids love them.

Make Bedtime As Much Like Camping As Possible

Even if you’re camping in your own backyard, you shouldn’t skip the more fun and ritualistic parts of sleeping outside. Set up an authentic-feeling tent that can accommodate your whole family easily. Make sure you have the sleeping areas all set up beforehand with sleeping bags for camping, stuffed animals, camping blanket, and any other comforts the kids will want.

If you have any little ones who need a nightlight, decide if you’re going to provide them with a battery-powered light, or whether they’ll be comfortable with the porch light left on. Regardless of what other activities you might have planned for the evening, be sure to start with this one so everyone can brush their teeth and use the bathroom before it gets too dark.

Be Flexible

Going camping with your kids can be an exciting and educational experience. There are some things that you can’t control when you’re out in the great outdoors, so set up your first trip near home so it’s easy to retreat to civilization if need be. You may need to sacrifice some of the rules the keep at home — like fewer stuffed animals or no sugar before bed — and that’s ok! Camping at home will give them a chance to get used to the new scene, and hopefully open their minds to future camping trips.

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Backyard camping is a great way to save money and spend time together as a family. An exciting activity for kids or adults, the tradition of backyard camping can be the start of something even bigger; an adventurous spirit and love for exploring the outdoors.

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