Rip In Yellowstone: Played By Cole Hauser Though 5 Seasons

Rip In Yellowstone: Amazing Role Played By Cole Hauser

Rip in Yellowstone rapidly became a crowd favorite. Since its first on-screen debut in 2018, Yellowstone of Paramount Network has quickly risen to become one of most popular shows today. Cole Hauser played the role of Rip Wheeler in this movie.

Know more about Yellowstone

This famous series is directed and written by Taylor Sheridan – a filmmaker known for his topics on the dark corners of America. The story takes place in Montana (USA), and it follows the Dutton family, owners of the biggest cattle ranch in the country. They were under danger from local landowners and Indians on a regular basis. America’s first national park, Yellowstone, is bordered by the Dutton family’s neighborhood. The family leader John Dutton is portrayed by Kevin Costner.

After season 3 got an impressive average of million viewers. It is considered as a rare feat in today’s dominant streaming industry now. After the twists of the ongoing fourth season, Yellowstone is back with an exciting 5th installment.

The reasons why Cole Hauser choose his role in Yellowstone

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Actor Cole Hauser mentioned in a Men’s Journal interview that he read the Yellowstone pilot screenplay among the first performers because of his acquaintance with John Linson. Because the roles of John Dutton’s sons and Rip were still up for grabs at the time, Hauser had the opportunity to select a preferred one. Hauser got a big impression on the audience by playing the character of Rip in Yellowstone.

About Rip in Yellowstone

At Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, Rip Wheeler works as a ranch hand and is married to Beth Dutton. Since season one, he has played a significant role in the program and acts as John Dutton’s enforcer in regard to maintaining the ranch’s security.

His complicated family

Rip in Yellowstone has a dark and tangled past. His life started out rather typical because he and his family were raised on a pig farm in Montana. His parents separated while he and his brother were children. On July 14 1997, Rip’s life changed irrevocably. His abusive stepfather came back to destroy his family when he was still residing on the property with his mother and brother.  After being incapacitated during the attack, Rip awakens to discover his mother had been stabbed by his stepfather and his brother lying dead on the ground.

After that, Rip was discovered unconscious and covered in blood in a hay barn. John decided to give Rip a second chance at life rather than turn him in. He hired him as a ranch hand, and Rip entered the Dutton clan.

His love with Beth

Rip and Beth have been connected to each other since they were young. Before they started dating, they went through both good and hard moments as they matured from youths to adults. Due to their traumatic pasts, Rip and Beth have had to confront some significant demons. Regardless of their highs and lows, they have consistently been lured back to one another.

The season four conclusion featured the marriage of Beth and Rip. The wedding was anything but traditional because Beth abducted a priest to officiate the ceremony. Beth wore a gold dress, long boots, and a fur coat to the little wedding at the ranch. In front of others like John, Lloyd, and Carter, the delighted couple exchanged vows.

Rip in Yellowstone is a tough person

Throughout the entire series, Rip in Yellowstone has demonstrated his toughness. He assists in repelling a group of bikers who are trespassing on the ranch. Rip even survives a confrontation with a powerful grizzly bear. He assists in maintaining order in the bunkhouse and, when necessary, doesn’t back down from a fight. 

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Some information about Yellowstone in season 5

Cole Hauser on Yellowstone makes an impression on the audience by Rip in Yellowstone. As usual when it comes to hit TV series, plot details are under wraps, but Hauser has shared a few things going on in the movie.

Speaking in mid-June, Hauser revealed some of the episodes were boxed and ready for post-production. Exactly what happens in the episodes remains to be seen but especially for Rip, he will likely be in high spirits after his wedding to Beth.

Beth, on the other hand, while excited to tie the knot with the farm’s resident law enforcement officer, will deal with letting her adopted brother Jamie Dutton under her thumb after blackmailing him in season 4.

In addition, there are 4 new characters that also appear in season 5, who are Kai Caster, Lainey Wilson, Lilli Kay and Dawn Olivieri.


Yellowstone is a popular TV series and attracts a lot of viewers around the world. With a quality cast and content, the character Rip in Yellowstone is very popular. This is a must-see movie that we’ve shared.

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