Person With A Disability: Type & Sign Of Disabilities 


A person with a disability is divided into several categories. Depending on the situation, they face different difficulties in life.

Type of disabilities

Many people can be disabled in different parts, be it affected intellectually or with limbs, face, etc. However, we can divide and classify disabilities according to specific groups. body.

A person with a disability is a person who has a defect in one or more body parts or a functional impairment manifested in the form of a disability, causing difficulties in working, living, and studying. And are divided into the following categories:

Visual disability

People with visual impairments are often referred to as visually impaired: Includes people with visual impairments. They may not be able to see or see but are very dim and need the help of other means to assist in daily living. Blind people have different degrees of vision due to impaired vision and function of the eyes. Besides, we may encounter cases where people with eye defects have one side see clearly and the other side can’t or both eyes can’t see. Therefore, based on the degree of visual impairment, people divide vision disabilities into two types: That is poor vision and blindness.

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Hearing Disability

When we meet people who can’t hear people often call these people deaf: This is someone who has a functional impairment in hearing problems of varying degrees and frequencies. When the ability to hear is impaired, it is impossible to communicate with others, limited in terms of language. People with hearing loss cannot answer and communicate with the other person when their hearing is limited. Therefore, depending on the hearing ability of the deaf, people with hearing impairment are divided into different levels and apply hearing aids such as hearing aids so that people with disabilities can hear more clearly. cases of indistinct hearing.

Language disability

People who cannot speak, maybe dumb or slurred, stutter, speak indistinctly and difficult way but the listener cannot understand what the person is trying to say, it is called a language disability. . If the speaker does not have problems such as cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, then they can only have a language disability without any neurological problems.

Intellectual disability

intellectual disability

People with below-average intellectual disabilities often have IQs less than 70. They may have limited knowledge as well as abilities and qualifications for study and work.

Poor receptivity and lack of self-perception and self-serving behavior. May be silly or have mental problems or not absorb the knowledge that people have imparted. Intellectual disability usually appears before the age of 18. To identify people with intellectual disabilities, we can base them on the following expressions to be able to recognize them better.

Mobility disability

Mobility disability is a condition that reduces or loses the ability to move the head, neck, legs, arms, and torso, leading to limitations in movement and movement. People with mobility impairments often have structural abnormalities; impaired motor function (abnormal motor reflexes, lack of age-appropriate motor coordination, movement that repeats or stops for no reason, poor balance, poor tone); motor retardation (failure to achieve age-appropriate developmental milestones such as head control, rollover, trunk control, sitting, standing, crawling, etc. in children); motor impairment (muscle tone or movement tends to weaken instead of becoming more sophisticated and powerful); neurophysiological impairment…

Neurological and mental disability

Neurological and mental disability is a disorder of perception, memory, emotions, behavior control, and thinking and manifests with abnormal words and actions that make working, living, and learning difficult…

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Difficulties faced by a person with a disability

For themselves, incomplete bodies make them socially alienated.

A person with a disability face learning difficulties: With limitations in movement, poor intelligence, or the inability to hear and see make their life and acquisition of knowledge from everything difficult. more limited. Teachers’ lectures are easy for ordinary people, but if a person with a disability has hearing problems, it’s completely difficult and strenuous.

Difficulties in applying for jobs: If ordinary people finish high school, they can find suitable jobs, but a person with a disability is different. There are very few counseling and job placement centers for people with disabilities. Businesses and donors are not yet interested in recruiting a person with a disability to work. Moreover, they may not have been trained in certain skills and skills, so the opportunity to apply for a job is very difficult.

Difficulties faced by a person with a disability

Difficulties in marriage: Due to the prejudices of people in society, a person with a disability is very afraid and afraid of their defective bodies, and their ability to take care of their family is limited, so people with disabilities often have an inferiority complex about their own bodies, health, and fear of public opinion, so they lose their ability to find companions greatly. Statistics show that men with disabilities have a higher marriage rate than women with disabilities.

A person with a disability is also shunned by society and is not accepted and treated fairly in all situations. Especially many people today have a disdainful attitude, disparaging people with disabilities, making them mentally hurt very much.


The unhappiness of a person with a disability makes it difficult for them to face all problems and situations in life. Sharing and understanding are what they need most. Let’s join hands with Mazeshirt to help them.

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