Halloween Lunch Ideas For Kids And Adults 2022

Halloween Lunch Ideas

Halloween is known as one of the major festivals in Western countries. As with the Halloween festival, people often create halloween lunch ideas for kids and adults that have special meanings for this occasion.

What is the Halloween festival?

Halloween is a typical traditional festival in the West, with the full name All Hallows’ Evening, also known as the “evil festival”. The feast is usually celebrated every year on October 31, before the feast of All Saints in Christianity.

Halloween is celebrated to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the cold winter. Today, Halloween is widely popular worldwide on a large and small scale depending on each country.

On Halloween, people often dress up as mysterious characters, appear together under the moonlight, and attend creepy decorated parties.

Origins of Halloween

Halloween originated with the Celts who lived more than 2000 years ago in the lands of what is now England, Ireland, and northern France.

The Celts believed that, on the eve of the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead would become blurred, and the spirits of the dead could return to the earth, so they often lit a bright fire and wore costumes. costumes to ward off evil spirits or welcome relatives “home” on this festival night.

Meaning of Halloween

Halloween is celebrated first on the eve of All Saints Day (1-11) and ends on All Souls Day (2-11). These are 3 consecutive days that are celebrated with a meaning to honor the saints who have or have not been to Heaven.

Besides, this day also means to remember the loved ones who have passed away. During Halloween, the spirits of the dead will be allowed to visit their families. Roman Catholics believe that earthly prayers will help souls wash away their sins and soon return to God.

Best Halloween lunch ideas for you

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin is a typical symbol of Halloween. Therefore, pumpkin dishes are considered indispensable on this holiday. Pumpkin soup is one of the healthy halloween lunch ideas for kids.

Depending on the country, there will be different ways to prepare pumpkin soup, such as cooking with beef, or lamb or making a dish that even vegetarians can use. This is a nutritious soup that both adults and children love to eat.

Barmbracks bread

Barmbrack bread (shortly called brack) originated in Ireland and quickly became popular on Halloween throughout Europe and then spread to other continents. There is no fixed recipe to make this bread, they are usually baked in the oven, and the dough has the same texture as regular bread, combined with the filling of dried fruits such as grapes, and raspberries, …

Colcannon mashed potatoes

This Colcannon mashed potato dish also originates from Ireland, the traditional Colcannon is made from 4 main ingredients: potatoes, butter, milk, and kale.

Today, there are also a few more variations to this mashed potato dish such as combining bacon, cream, butter, leeks, green onions, and pepper, … making the dish more attractive. This is an indispensable dish at Halloween parties in Western countries because of its delicious taste and ease of preparation.

Soul Cake

This dish is used a lot on Halloween night. The soul cake has its roots in British custom. It is believed that when souls wake up and walk the earth on October 31, if they eat bread, they will not harm humans.

Some parts of Germany make black soul cakes, while people in Austria often put the cake on graves. The traditional soul cake is a cookie with raisins arranged in a cross on the top, which tastes like Vietnamese waffles. To create diversity and symbolize the devil’s holiday, this dish is also decorated with many different shapes such as skulls, spiders, and creepy ghosts …

Boxty pancakes

Boxty is an Irish potato pancake, one of the three main dishes on Halloween. This cake consists of mashed potatoes, chopped potatoes, and potato chips. With such a blend, this dish has an eye-catching appearance without losing the traditional flavor of a real pancake.

Boxty is usually eaten with the greasy cream of the Greeks, sugar water made from pine trees, and fruit and vegetables are chopped to decorate around.

Spooky bento rice

You can prepare spooky bento boxes on Halloween for the little ones. With simple ingredients, it is possible to create dishes with unique and creepy shapes. These easy halloween lunch ideas definitely will make the kids want to eat right away.

Mummy pasta

You can choose mummy spaghetti for Halloween night. The food is not only pleasing to the eye but also delicious. Spaghetti is combined with Pesto sauce and cheese to increase the attractiveness and fatness that is worth trying.

Spooky Pizza

Your kid loves fast food, so on Halloween, reward him with spooky pizzas. The dish has an eye-catching red color from ketchup and extremely attractive mozzarella cheese. Surely the dish will attract children to adults.

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Halloween Lunch Ideas
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With simple, easy-to-find ingredients, especially super-quick work, Mazeshirt has suggested you some halloween lunch ideas for adults. Let’s start making a unique Halloween lunch!

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