Best Scary Halloween Makeup That Will Make You Suprise

scary halloween makeup

All young people want to own the most beautiful and horrific transformation for themselves. So, let’s create the scary Halloween makeup to prepare for this year’s Halloween festival, which is held in the West on October 31 every year.

Top 5 scary halloween makeup looks

Makeup is a constant creation and the makeup artist is like a real artist, but how can you transform yourself easily, simply, and “stand out” for yourself when participating in the festival? Mazeshirt suggests scary halloween makeup looks to give you the craziest, craziest, spooky or spooky looks.

Mysterious black swan

The black swan girl with a white face, red lips, and black eyes is very suitable for girls who love cold style. The black swan shape is chosen by many people at Halloween parties. Black swan shapes are chosen by many people at Halloween parties.

Dress up as a god of death

If you don’t like using fake blood or too fancy makeup but you still want to scare others, then the god of death is the first choice for you. This is an easy scary makeup looks, not too complicated. You only need a black outfit that covers your head, and a scythe (you can make it yourself or buy it at souvenir shops), the face is the most complicated part, the face needs to be whitened and painted. Create a creepy shape, around the eyes and draw dark and crazy eyes. So you can become a creepy god of death knocking on the door with this scary halloween makeup look.


Perhaps for those of you who love horror movies, the name Valak is not too strange, the way to dress up as a nun Valak has become a hot trend among young people and it will certainly be a perfect choice. Perfect for this year’s devil’s day. Test yourself with confidence, you will definitely stand out.


When it comes to vampires, people often think of creepy images, bloody faces, or sharp teeth. This is really an ideal image for the annual carnival. However, the image of vampires on Halloween is often modified to become beautiful and seductive.

A few notes when applying makeup like this: you must apply foundation or powder lighter than your skin tone, black eyeliner, and dark eye shadow are indispensable, and lipstick should be bold or the same color as your skin tone. You can use contact lenses to make your eyes sharper and brighter, but in the end, you definitely have to buy yourself two false fangs.

Scary doll makeup

With this makeup, you just need to create scary big eyes and a porcelain white face. No need to combine with any fancy Halloween costumes, “scary dolls” can be combined with everyday clothes, but still, create a “shiver” when suddenly seen.

What should be kept in mind when making up for Halloween?

Always have a moisturizing primer and sun protection layer before makeup

The moisturizing layer plays the role of locking in moisture, helping the skin to have enough moisture to resist the harmful effects of the environment and at the same time avoiding dry skin cracking or not picking up powder when you dress up as characters.

Sunscreen in this case acts as a layer of protection for your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, thermal radiation (during the day), natural blue light during the day and night light, and pollution. the environment at any time of the day.

Using a moisturizer and sunscreen at the same time not only helps the skin to be protected, but also is the basis for the coating to adhere better, and smoother.

Use powder after the foundation and before shaping the layer

The powder is the final step of the foundation to help even out, cover remaining imperfections, help control oil and keep the foundation long-lasting. So don’t forget to use powder after the foundation is complete, use more on the nose and T-zone for the best oil control.

Use lip balm

Winter makes the lips easy to dry, Halloween makeup often uses matte lipstick to have a long grip, so it makes the lips more uncomfortable and chapped. So always remember to use lip balm every day and before applying lipstick to keep lips soft, help the lipstick to better color and better stick to color.

Instructions to clean makeup on the face after applying makeup

Facial makeup remover

Step 1: Let your face dry, put makeup remover cream/milk on your hand, and gently massage the nose, cheeks, neck, chin… in the direction from inside to outside from bottom to top.

Step 2: Use a cotton pad to wipe away the cream stains on the skin. Rinse thoroughly with cleanser and warm water.

Step 3: Use rose water on a cotton pad to wipe your face again to close the pores.

Note for facial makeup removal is that you should use makeup remover, cleanser, and toner suitable for your skin. For dry skin, you should use a wax, cream, or milk makeup remover. However, if you have oily skin, you absolutely should stay away from milky makeup removers, because they will easily clog pores, making you more acne.

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scary halloween makeup
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Above are scary Halloween makeup tips but create the most horror, creepy and unique style. Hope that Mazeshirt will help you have an interesting and attractive festive season.

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