Best Fall Vacation In The US In 2023

best fall vacation in the us

As a cycle of creation, every autumn, the whole earth, and sky change new colors. For those who love autumn, traveling in the best fall vacation in the US from about September to early December is the most ideal. Coming to the US this season, you must definitely explore the best fall vacation in the US following.

From September to November, the United States enters autumn with the magical color change of the forests, creating an extremely romantic scene with the best fall vacation in the US.

Autumn here has a cool climate, the temperature fluctuates around 14-25 degrees Celsius. The weather is dry, sometimes showers will appear. Late autumn is the time when the forests begin to change leaves, this is an ideal time for visitors to explore the best places to visit in fall USA. At this time, the weather is also starting to get colder, visitors need to prepare a jacket to keep their body warm.

1. Niagara Falls – Best fall vacation in the US

The majesty of the white waterfall together with the irresistible charm of the rows of red maple leaves on the side of the waterfall creates a beauty that is opposite but extremely harmonious. It is thanks to those contrasting features that have created a wonderful natural picture of Niagara Waterfall that no pen can fully describe. Therefore, autumn is also one of the best times to see Niagara Falls.

The most remarkable thing about coming to Niagara Falls in the fall is that it is easier for you to see the rainbow than in other seasons of the year. There are times when you will see all 3, 4 rainbows at the same time. People often compare the scenery at Niagara Falls as beautiful as a fairyland, a place that everyone wants to visit once. You can also opt for boat tours to see the falls up close.

best fall vacation in the us

2. Ellicottville

Ellicottville in Cattaraugus County is a village. This small village is only about 1 square mile wide, but it has a full range of convenient services such as shops, restaurants, accommodation services, etc. to satisfy people of all ages and interests. Ellicottville’s 19th-century charm has been preserved to this day. As you stroll down the street, you will be spoiled for viewing the historic houses and buildings nestled under the trees, immersed in the peaceful life, and meeting the friendly and hospitable people.

When the foliage of the surrounding hills begins to change color signaling the arrival of autumn, the village of Ellicottville holds a special autumn festival to welcome everyone to participate. You will be spoiled for viewing beautiful scenery, taking pictures to check in, watching art shows, experiencing entertainment games, and enjoying local specialties. In the center of the village, there are many shops selling specialties and souvenirs. You can stop by to shop to make the trip more complete.

3. Boston

Boston is a special city. Because it not only possesses ancient beauty but also has the ability to bring visitors back to an impressive history, help visitors immerse themselves in art with museum tours, or give visitors the opportunity to visit the museum. Enjoy a beer at a famous local brewery. Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is home to a plethora of interesting sights and activities for you to experience and explore.

Boston is said to be the most romantic fall viewing spot in the United States. This city impresses visitors with its romantic, ancient beauty and hundreds of years old architecture nestled under the bright yellow, red, or orange-yellow trees. One of the most popular fall check-in spots in Boston is Harvard University.

4. State of Vermont – Romantic place for couple

Vermont is voted as the most romantic and peaceful land in the United States. The sparse population and the growing flora are the conditions that make Vermont’s natural landscape lush and beautiful like a wonderland. Despite having a sparse population, Vermont attracts tourists by its very poetic natural scenery. In particular, autumn is the most ideal time to visit Vermont.

best fall vacation in the us

From the end of September, the forests in Vermont simultaneously changed pressure, covering the whole sky with a beautiful red and yellow color. Around the brilliant forest are calm lakes, paths covered with dry leaves, and peaceful waterfalls flowing softly. Coming to Vermont in the fall, you must definitely participate in cycling, hiking, or camping trips, explore the farms, and visit the syrup production facilities … to be spoiled for beautiful scenery and to make a memorable experience on this best fall vacation in the US.

5. Michigan – best places to visit in fall USA

Michigan is not only a beautiful autumn viewing spot, but also one of the most ideal destinations for those who want to explore mountains, and waterfalls and participate in different nature adventures. The state of Michigan is named after Lake Michigan and in Ojibwe it means great lake.

Coming to Michigan, you will have the opportunity to visit places with beautiful scenery. In, the best autumn viewing spots can be mentioned are Lake Michigan, state national park, Bond Waterfall… Besides, do not forget to participate in interesting activities such as boating, and camping. , hiking, hunting, participating in local seasonal activities and festivals…

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The United States is a country with a large hilly area, which always is the best fall vacation in the US for tourists when entering the autumn. If you go through the boulevards of the forest, visitors will clearly feel the atmosphere of the best fall vacation in the US, with the scenery of two rows of yellow-leaved trees along the two sides of the road.