10 Best notes in the diet make a pregnancy food plan

pregnancy food plan

Applying science to make a pregnancy food plan for pregnant mothers not only helps the mother’s pregnancy become more comfortable but also creates a solid foundation for the baby’s future development. Therefore, during pregnancy, mothers need to follow some rules to have a pregnancy food plan, according to Mazeshirt‘s article.

pregnancy food plan

1. The relationship between scientific diet and pregnancy

Nutrients are substances in food that our bodies need so they can function and grow. These include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water.

During pregnancy, a scientific diet is more important than ever. Pregnant women need more important nutrients than they did before pregnancy. Accordingly, choosing healthy foods every day will help pregnant mothers provide their fetuses with what they need to develop. This will also help ensure that both mother and fetus gain appropriate weight throughout the pregnancy.

2. A pregnancy food plan for pregnant mothers to ensure adequate energy supply

1. Don’t skip breakfast 

Many pregnant mothers have the habit of sleeping until noon and skipping breakfast because they think breakfast is not necessary. However, the truth is the opposite when breakfast is the most important meal of the day, helping to supplement nutrients to provide energy for both mother and fetus.

If you often skip breakfast or only eat breakfast lightly, the pregnant woman and her fetus will have poor health, the mother will get tired easily, and the baby will not have enough nutrients. According to experts, pregnant mothers’ breakfast should have plenty of protein, enough fat, carbohydrates, and fruit.  

2. The main meal must have starch 

Many pregnant mothers are afraid of gaining too much weight and plan to completely cut out starch from main meals and only eat food. This is not a scientific way of eating for pregnant mothers. 

Instead of eliminating starch, mothers should focus on the amount of starch ingested through each meal, trying to choose starches with low blood sugar levels such as vermicelli, brown rice, and vermicelli, sweet potatoes,… to Provide enough nutrition while not worrying about excessive weight gain or gestational diabetes. 

3. Eat lots of vegetables 

Vegetables and fruits will provide a significant amount of vitamins and fiber to help pregnant mothers stay healthy and beautiful, limiting the risk of constipation and uncomfortable flatulence. Therefore, Mothers should actively supplement many types of vegetables and fruits in different colors, at least 5 times a day.

4. Choose healthy snacks

Snacks are the “passion” of many people and pregnant women are no exception. Not to mention times of morning sickness, a little delicious snack can help mom feel more comfortable. However, mothers should stay away from snacks that are too sweet and greasy. Instead, mothers should choose healthier snacks such as nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc.), dried fruits, cereal bars, etc. 

5. Eat fish twice a week 

Fish is in the pregnancy food plan for pregnant mothers. The reason is that fish provides a healthy amount of fat and amino acids AA, EPA, and DHA, which are extremely necessary for the formation and brain development of the fetus. If you want your child to be smart, you should eat fish At least twice a week, be careful to stay away from fish that contain a lot of mercury (mackerel, swordfish, etc.) to ensure your child’s safety.

pregnancy food plan 2

2.6. Drink plenty of water and other liquids 

Pregnant women need a greater amount of fluid because their bodies absorb water much faster than normal people. If there is a lack of water, the mother is susceptible to fatigue, dizziness, discomfort, etc. Meanwhile, the fetus can encounter many dangerous problems, so mothers should try to drink enough water and other liquids such as soup, juice, and milk,… every day, especially on hot days.

7. Maintain a healthy, stable weight 

Gaining too much or too little weight is not good for the mother’s health and the safety of the fetus. Depending on the body and physical condition, each pregnant woman will have a different amount of kg to gain. On average, a pregnant mother with a normal BMI will gain about 10 – 15 kg during pregnancy. Mothers should establish a suitable diet and Maintain gentle body movements to have stable weight and health.

8. Stay away from bad foods

The scientific way to eat for pregnant mothers is to stay away from these foods Food can negatively affect the fetus. These foods include alcohol, fish with high mercury content (shark, swordfish, mackerel, etc.), caffeine, and foods high in germs (smoked seafood, raw sausages/hams). processed, unpasteurized milk/juice, unpasteurized soft cheese,…). 

9. Don’t try to eat for two 

The concept that pregnant women have to “eat for both of them” is so old and has been proven to be completely incorrect. Pregnant women who gain too much weight will have difficulty “going through labor” and will be susceptible to gestational diabetes and other dangerous diseases that affect both mother and child. Therefore, women should divide their meals into small portions, choose quality foods, and adjust their diet appropriately. 

10. Essential nutrients and natural sources

Supplementing adequate nutrients is an indispensable element in a scientific diet for pregnant mothers. Here are some common essential substances for pregnant mothers during pregnancy: Protein

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A, C, B6, B12, D6 
  • Fat

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Above are instructions on how to make a pregnancy food plan for pregnant mothers with 10 simple rules. Although the pregnancy process is extremely difficult, this is also a happy period to wait for your baby to be born. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to their diet to create a good foundation for their baby’s future development!