The Most Creepy Of Scary Halloween Stories

Scary halloween stories

Try telling a spooky story and sitting with your friends in a dark room to see who is not afraid of ghosts. Below, Mazeshirt has compiled some short Halloween stories to help you have more options and prolong your carnival.

scary halloween stories

The greatest scary Halloween stories

Scary Halloween Stories No. 1 For Scary Halloween Nights

He often goes to this restaurant to eat. The food here is very good, just a bit bland. “Brother, do you need a little more sugar?” The shop owner always asked him in a friendly tone. And every time he needs it, he is surprised to see the shop sealed. “The owner of this shop is a psychopath!” Passersby passed each other and said, “Just now, people from the mental hospital took them away.”. “Actually, he’s also very pitiful! Again, turning the ashes into sugar in the dish The passerby sighed.

Scary Halloween Stories No. 2, Don’t “Read” At Midnight Halloween

At 11:00 pm, there was a guy in his 20s standing in the middle of an empty field to take a bus back to the city. He stood for a long time but did not see a car passing by. At exactly 12:00 o’clock at night, there was a car coming, he quickly waved the car in and asked for a ride to the city. He climbed into the car and fell asleep from exhaustion. It was raining heavily and a deafening thunderclap of thunder woke him up. He lost his soul when he did not see the driver driving the car but the car was still running.

Halloween stories short

Scary Halloween Stories No. 3 Horror Festival Night

Near 12 o’clock at night, the street was empty, the two sisters were about to turn off the electricity to go to sleep when there was a knock on the door. A very scholar-looking brother, wearing glasses, asked permission to enter the room for some business. Seeing that the kind, polite person was also a student next door, the two sisters happily agreed to let him in.

Borrowing a tray, and putting some fruit on it, he pulled out from his pocket a picture of a very young worshiper, the two sisters panicked. With a sad voice, the strange guest said: “Don’t be afraid, this is Mr. Dung, in the past, he lived in the same room with me, but because his lover abandoned him, he hanged himself here. Today is also his first anniversary, I want to light a candle called a little sincerity.”

Without saying the end of his words, the guest lit incense, cried, and prayed, very pitifully. Then the guest excused: “Just bothering the two of you for a bit, in the past, it died, every night coming back to lie next to me, I was so scared that I had to move there”. Without giving the sisters time to react, the guest disappeared into the darkness.

No one told anyone, both shouted out of fear. The neighbors’ room ran over and also panicked when they saw the photo tray floating in the middle of the house. The two sisters went to a neighbor to sleep over and the next day said goodbye to that motel room.

Also in a dormitory of students, Lan went out to brush her teeth to prepare for bed. As soon as she turned on the toilet, she screamed. People ran out: “There’s a ghost in the bathroom, there’s a head looking for nothing, everyone turns in: “Maybe it’s because I watch too many horror movies, now I see ghosts everywhere I look”.

Less than 30 minutes later, another scream came from the bathroom. One sister came home late from work at night and described it as exactly what Lan had seen. At this time, the two sisters were too afraid, only the people in the neighborhood did not believe: “If it is, it is still there, but can’t run away”.

Then ghosts appeared everywhere, everyone panicked, only Duong knew everything better than anyone else because he was the owner of this joke.

Scary Halloween Stories No. 4 Catching a Car at Night

In the middle of the night, on the road alone, I was waiting for the car. At this moment, in the distance, a taxi slowly stopped right next to me, the driver opened the car window and asked me: “The three of you go. where?” As soon as I heard it, I quickly opened the car door, rushed in, and asked the driver to quickly drive away, I will pay double the money. After the car rushed for a while, my breathing and heart rate were also temporarily stabilized, at this time, the driver turned his head 180 degrees to face me and asked: “Where are you going now?”

Scary Halloween Stories No. 5: Who Dropped Money?

A girl holding her boyfriend’s hand walks on the street. “Who dropped the money?” said the girl. The boyfriend picked it up and looked at it carefully; it was a hell dollar bill. He threw it away, the wind blew the bill, and he fell in the middle of the road. The girl said, “Why did you throw it away? Obviously, it’s 100 thousand.” The girl hurriedly ran to the middle of the road, picked up the bill, and waved it to her boyfriend, happily saying, “Look, I said it was. It’s real money!” A car came from nowhere. In a pool of blood, the girl’s hand was still holding the underworld dollar bill that was dyed red with fresh blood.

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