New Horror Movies For Halloween 2022: What We Should Watch?

new horror movies
If you are wondering when to choose a horror movie to watch with your friends on the upcoming halloween. Mazeshirt will suggest you top 6 new horror movies of this 2022.

Top 6 new horror movies you can watch with your friend

The Black Phone

The Black Phone is a potential horror project that uses a sensational theme with the message “Don’t talk to strangers.” And also one of the new horror movies that you can watch more new horror movies 2022 this year.

In 1978, five children suddenly disappeared in North Carolina. The wise and timid 13-year-old Finney Shaw has been kidnapped by a cold-blooded killer and becomes the sixth victim trapped in a soundproof basement. The boy shouted for help, but no one heard him. Suddenly, a broken phone on the wall rang, and he realized that he could listen to the voices of other victims, who had also been trapped in the basement. They try to help Finney escape the killer’s siege. Will the boy escape and return home safely?

Kuntilanak 3 (2022) 

Dinda wants to be able to control her powers, so she attends the Matahari School, where children with special powers learn to control their powers, but unexpected dangers are everywhere. and every step of them keeps happening. Can Dinda survive there?

The Grudge

This new horror film is a remake of the original Japanese film Ju-on: The Grudge. The original film was directed by Takashi Shimizu and was released in 2004 in North America by Columbia Pictures. The film is told through a non-linear sequence of events as well as intersecting sub-scenes.

In this part, the story revolves around the investigation of the American policeman named Mandy, she must investigate a murder case. Accordingly, because of a few cases, she was forced to visit a house, denied by many, and accidentally ended up being the victim of a curse. Is this the cause of many mysterious deaths?

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Halloween Kills

The Halloween horror movie launched its dramatic 12th installment in October 2021. The film is a continuation of Halloween 2018. The content begins on Halloween with the dark night falling, a group of friends has encountered a haunted house that promises to bring the darkest fears. 

Don’t Breathe 2

If you are a fan of horror movies, you can’t miss this new horror film, which is a continuation of part 1 of the movie Don’t Breathe. In this part 2, the director of part 1 named Fede Alvarez will switch to the screenwriter chair. Meanwhile, his partner Rodo Sayagues will take the director’s chair.

The main actor, Stephen Lang, continues to play the role of a blind old man, “hearing” all sounds. Although not too much has been revealed, according to sources, part 2 will reveal the hidden corners of this man’s process. Accordingly, it is to expose the sins he has committed in the past and he will be punished. Because the truth of the scary blind old man has been revealed, the film promises to bring more thrilling and dramatic experiences than part 1.

The Turning

This new horror film is based on the novel “The Turning of the Screw” released by author Henry James in 1998. The film’s content revolves around the story of a nanny Kate who has to take care of her. The two orphans are Flora and Miles. After that, she gradually realized many strange phenomena were going on. At the same time, she also discovered the dark secret behind the two children and the house they were in. With vivid frames and sensational details, you will surely be drawn into a world of mystery and drama.

The Conjuring

This is a series of horror films on the subject of demonic possession, and supernatural based on research documents about real supernatural phenomena, occurring in the United States of the Warrens. The film stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

The film’s content revolves around the exorcism story of a husband and wife Ed and Lorraine Warren as they try to help families affected by supernatural forces. However, because of their honesty, they have put themselves and their families in danger many times…


IT series is an American supernatural horror film series and is adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Stephen King. The film revolves around a monstrous clown who always seduces and kidnaps children and then eats them. In part 1, thanks to the brave spirit, 7 children in the town of Derry overcame their fear to join forces to find and destroy the evil clown.

As for part 2, the clown himself returned to avenge each child after becoming an adult. And once again this group of people must join forces to fight this evil clown…

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The upcoming Halloween season is the best time to watch new horror movies on netflix with your friends with Halloween spooky themes. Mazeshirt wishes you a scary but fun day alongside these new horror movies.

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