Suggested 14 most meaningful Lunar New Year gifts for parents

lunar new year gifts

Along with wishes at the beginning of the year, meaningful Lunar New Year gifts for parents are indispensable on the upcoming spring day. If you are wondering what Lunar New Year presents to give that are delicate and full of love, let’s take a look at meaningful Lunar New Year gifts for your family during the traditional New Year holiday with Mazeshirt!

Lunar New Year gift ideas

TOP 14 Lunar New Year gifts for parents

In general, Lunar New Year gifts for the family can be luxurious or rustic, but it is important to show sincerity. Spring is coming, if you intend to buy gifts for your parents-in-law or parents-in-law, please refer to the 14 suggested Lunar New Year gifts besides giving the Lunar New Year red envelope below:

Massage chair

Massage chairs are one of the top choices of many people today. This device not only relaxes the mind, but reduces stress and anxiety, enhances immunity, and improves spinal structure. When giving a massage chair to parents, also shows the children’s concern for the health of their parents aged 50 and over.

Washing machine

The washing machine is a familiar appliance that helps keep clothes clean every day. Therefore, take advantage of New Year to give your family a new washing machine, with many good features and simple to use.

Lunar New Year gifts


Television is the next suggestion for the question of what the Lunar New Year gifts should be given to parents. Accordingly, there are many famous TV brands on the market. Depending on your parents’ financial conditions and needs, you should choose the right product so that this New Year holiday, your parents can comfortably enjoy their favorite programs.


During the New Year, families often gather to sing or play New Year tunes to add to the spring atmosphere. Therefore, choosing a good speaker with vivid sound quality is a way to help your family fully enjoy the New Year.


Refrigerators can preserve food for a long time and safely, so this is also a New Year gift suggestion for families worth considering. A refrigerator with modern technology such as refrigeration, antibacterial, deodorizing, and balanced technology. humidity, soft freezing, or energy saving, to give users the best user experience.


Washing dishes by hand can be difficult and time-consuming, so buy a modern dishwasher for your family, with many automatic programs and integrated drying technology, to save time – and effort, while protecting parents’ hands from toxic chemicals.

Functional foods

The need for health care is increasing for parents and adults in the family. At this time, functional foods and healthy nutritious foods are a practical choice to give to loved ones during the New Year.

When deciding to buy these Lunar New Year gifts, you should prioritize products with clear origins, from reputable brands, and whose quality has been inspected by specialized agencies. In addition, you must also choose functional foods and nutritional foods suitable for your parents’ age and current physical condition, to improve your health.

Calligraphy painting

This is a suitable gift for parents who love traditional culture. Accordingly, each calligraphy painting brings its beauty but all have the meaning of hoping that the family will meet with much success and happiness shortly.


Don’t think that offering wine is inappropriate on New Year. Imagine how luxurious the living room would be if there was a precious bottle of wine displayed in a glass cabinet. In addition, on the New Year’s party table there must also be wine, beer, and soft drinks to treat guests, so giving wine to parents is a suitable choice and cannot be missed this New Year.

Lunar New Year gifts


Most adults love to wear new jewelry. Therefore, you can try jewelry such as watches, bracelets, or necklaces as gifts for your parents-in-law or parents-in-law, thereby showing your love for your parents.

Technology product

Giving parents a smart technology product such as a phone or tablet is necessary. This not only meets the needs of listening – calling – and chatting with children far away but also serves the multimedia entertainment needs of parents.


If you are still wondering what Lunar New Year gifts to give your parents, an air conditioner is also a suggestion worth considering. Using air conditioning in the bedroom helps parents sleep better and more comfortably on hot days. You can choose a product with the ability to save electricity, deodorize, and disinfect the air to both reduce costs and take better care of your parents’ health!

 Vacuum cleaner

If you feel that the daily task of cleaning the house is too difficult for your parents, you can immediately gift a vacuum cleaner this New Year, so that your parents no longer have to spend as much effort. The highlight of the vacuum cleaner is its small design, diverse cleaning modes, as well as the integration of 2-in-1 cleaning technology, contributing to saving time when cleaning.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner is also easy to operate and control with your phone via a Wi-Fi connection, thereby providing the most convenient and simple usage experience for parents. So that you don’t have to waste time thinking about which vacuum cleaner to buy,


Along with jewelry, you can choose clothes as Lunar New Year gifts for your parents. According to folk beliefs, wearing new clothes in the new year brings good luck. Furthermore, donating clothes also shows that you are an extremely thoughtful person and care about your family.

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In the article above, Mazeshirt has introduced to you some meaningful Lunar New Year gifts for your family during the New Year. I hope you have chosen the most suitable and practical Lunar New Year gifts for your parents-in-law or parents-in-law.