Best Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas For Lover In 2022


Instead of buying ready-made gifts on the market, Handmade Christmas gift is a popular trend chosen by many people. Christmas is coming, let Mazeshirt help you with ideas and find handmade items suitable for each specific object and gender. Come on, let’s get started right away.

Handmade Christmas gift for boyfriend

Let’s record beautiful memories with your boyfriend through the following handmade Christmas gift:

Christmas cards

Simple but no less delicate, these homemade gifts will help you send your love wishes on Christmas to your boyfriend. Not too elaborate like many other handmade items, to have a beautiful card template, you just need to cut and paste the details accordingly.

Wool scarf

If you have a talent for embroidery and skillful hands, don’t be afraid to try this handmade Christmas gift. The ingredients to complete this handmade Christmas gift ideas are also very simple, just include a wool roll and a sewing needle and you have an extremely warm wool scarf. A handmade Christmas gift – a wool scarf will replace you, warm, and protect your boyfriend on cold winter days.

Anniversary photo album

Consider giving him a handmade photo album for this Christmas to preserve your memorable moments. Because it is a handmade product, you can completely create a unique album template with sincere wishes and sweet whispers interwoven through each photo.

Handmade leather wallet

This handmade Christmas gift requires investment and meticulous care for each product, however, the results you receive are extremely worth it. A wallet made by yourself will always be by your side, showing your care and concern for the person you love. You can engrave your name or special anniversary on the face of the wallet as a clever and subtle way of “marking sovereignty”.

Handmade Christmas gift for girlfriends

Originally, men are often not as skillful as sisters in making handmade items. Don’t worry, check out these easy-to-make items below:

Anniversary video

If you are quite clumsy in cutting and pasting handmade products, the “handmade” video set by yourself will be a significant homemade Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend. You can make videos in the form of sharing your memorable moments right from going out, dating, and eating. Surely when receiving this gift, your other half will be very surprised and happy to review precious memories with you.

Handmade bracelet

Just scissors, beads, and string/or just you can give your girlfriend a cute and pretty handmade bracelet. Making handmade bracelets does not take too much time, you can refer to some simple ring-making materials such as leather straps, fabric straps, beads, or wooden beads. No need to be fussy but enough to send your love to the person you love.

Handmade dried flowers

Another choice for boys is if they want to give their girlfriends a handmade gift on Christmas. You can refer to how to make a beautiful dried flower package through video tutorials on Youtube. Some of my favorite dried flowers are baby flowers, lavender flowers, star flowers, 

Handmade Christmas laurel wreath

Every Christmas, people decorate their houses with pine trees or sparkling snowflakes. Besides, the laurel wreath hanging in front of the door is also one of the indispensable decorations of every Christmas. The laurel wreath symbolizes strength, power, and hope for a bright future.

Handmade Christmas laurel wreaths are made from dried tree branches. During the Christmas season, you will see people often hanging laurel wreaths with all kinds of colors in front of the house. These wreaths are carefully selected by everyone to make a highlight for their home space. In addition, garlands of blue or red color bring hope, luck, and peace to their families.

Here, I will show you how to make a beautiful Christmas laurel wreath that is not inferior to store-bought goods.

Tools to prepare: Red and white ribbon, steel wire, or wire that can be bent into a circle, drag.


Step 1: Bend the coat hanger into a circle or bend the steel wire into a circle. Take the ribbon and tie it into a bow and attach it to this circle.

Step 2: Cut off the excess ribbon. From 1 red bow, you tie a white bow again until the bows cover the whole circle.

Step 3: The Christmas laurel wreath is complete. You need to hang the ring on the door to have a beautiful laurel wreath to welcome the sparkling Christmas.

Christmas gift ideas for busy people

If you do not have time, the following gifts are options for you to give to your lover.

Christmas Wreath Personalised Bauble Ornament

Are you looking for an ornament for your girlfriend? The gift is sure to make her love it.


Christmas Wreath Personalised Bauble Ornament
Chest And Nuts Funny Christmas Couples Shirt 2

Chest And Nuts Funny Christmas Couples Shirt

Isn’t a pair of couple t-shirts the best couple gift for a lover?


Live With Kelly And Ryan Christmas Mug

If your lover is a fan of the Kelly and Ryan couple, this gift is not a bad idea.


Live With Kelly And Ryan Christmas Mug 2


Above is a collection of unique and meaningful handmade gifts for Christmas. Do not be too important about the aesthetics of the product but hesitate to give it to the person you love. The form is just a cover, the important thing is still your heart and feelings for the recipient. Hopefully, through these shares from Mazeshirt, you will choose for yourself some suitable handmade Christmas gift suggestions. Wish you success and good luck. Merry Christmas.

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