14 fun outdoor activities for young children

fun outdoor activities

Newborns have abundant energy. Most parents wonder how to keep their little ones entertained. Parents can plan fun outdoor activities or take children for a walk in nature. These short outings help children expend energy, feel refreshed, and not become irritable. Mazeshirt will help you find some fun outdoor activities to do with your newborn when the weather is nice.

fun outdoor activities

14 Fun Outdoor activities for children

Take a walk

Buckle your child up in the stroller and walk around your block. This activity is simple but exciting for babies. You can walk for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your stamina. Fresh air can energize your baby to explore their surroundings with trees, birds, vehicles, and people. A great way to make this walk educational is to talk to your child and show them around.

Swimming: Fun outdoor activities for 10-year-old children

Swimming is one of the most fun outdoor activities for children. It helps children develop physically and improves health and mobility.

Go Picnic

Fun camping activities for families are activities that children love on a field trip. You should bring food in a basket to eat outside. Try creating new dishes for your baby. Let your kids play outside while you rearrange the food. Children will then gobble up delicious food.

fun outdoor activities

Let children play in the water

If your child loves water, you can include some fun outdoor activities in water. You just need to prepare one plastic bathtub, fill it with water to cover the child’s feet, and then put in a few rubber ducks. You should do this activity after your child can sit up independently. Parents should always keep an eye on their children and never leave them alone in the water.

Visit a playground

Babies may be too young to play on the playground, but they sure love watching others run around. Children may enjoy seeing different sights and hearing different sounds. Don’t forget that children are always learning. Even if your child is just watching, he or she is learning the different nuances of the game and developing his or her vocabulary.

Go to a crowded place

Parents can take their baby to a crowded place. Bus stops, post offices, or train stations can be good options. Baby can watch people coming and catch the vibe.


If your baby is starting to sit, he or she will love rolling the balls around. Take some balls to your backyard or a nearby park and roll them back and forth with your baby.

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Read a book

Babies love to hear their parents’ voices. You may regularly read to your child at home, but when you sit under a tree and read your child’s favorite books, he or she may enjoy it even more. Reading outdoors is a great way to help your child build bonds. If there are animals or plants in the book, you can point them out to your child and he or she will remember it.


When children realize they can make different noises, they will try to make funny sounds from their throats and clap their hands when happy. You can give your child toys that make music. If you don’t have any musical toys, use pots, pans, and spoons and watch your child create spontaneous music.

Go to the beach

The beach offers children diverse sensory experiences. There are different structures to explore and different sights to see. You can keep your child in the water and let them explore the sand. When tired, children can sit and observe people around them. Visits to the beach can be very good leisure and fun outdoor activities for children.

Practice dancing

Children are drawn to music from an early age. You may see your 3-month-old baby waving his arms and legs and swaying to the music. You can take your kids for a walk, relax in the park, and play music you can dance to. Children will jump after you.

Play on the swing

Once your child can sit firmly and control his head and neck, you can let him sit on the swing at the playground. Push the swing gently and keep the chain in your hand at all times. Watch the process of children accepting the new feeling of flying and starting to enjoy that feeling with joyful laughter.

Practice walking – fun outdoor activities for young children

If your baby is trying to stand up, it’s time to encourage him to take his first steps. During the first few weeks after your baby starts walking, he will be uncertain about his steps and often lose his balance. You can take your baby out on the grass to practice walking. Letting your baby walk outdoors reduces the risk of injury from sharp corners and hard surfaces.

You can hold your child’s hand at first and encourage him as he tries to walk. Gradually, let children practice on their own. When outdoors, children may be distracted by other sights, sounds, or objects. Don’t push your child, instead, let him enjoy it. Once your child is confident on his feet, you can take him on a short walk to the driveway or sidewalk.

Fly a kite

Even though your baby may not be able to fly a kite, he or she will love watching colorful kites fly in the sky. You can think of this as a couple or family activity so your children see and learn how people interact with each other.

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Fun outdoor activities for babies provide fun learning experiences in an open environment. Children’s exploration enriches their understanding of the world around them. Best of all, it allows babies to play, keeping them happy and healthy.