Wednesday Addams movie regenerates goth fashion 

Wednesday Addams

Netflix movie Wednesday Addams, based on The Addams Family – the comic book version created by artist Charles Addams for The New Yorker magazine, is helping to revive the appeal of gothic fashion

Wednesday Addams on Netflix is a hit series at the end of 2022, and the characters’ fashion is expected to be as influential as Bridgerton’s.

Wednesday Addams is currently the best movie with the most views in a week on the Netflix online movie viewing platform, surpassing season 4 of the hit series Stranger Things. The work is a spin-off of Addams family Wednesday, a popular short comic version from 1938.

As of November 30, Wednesday Addams has earned 341 million hours of viewing, creating good effects on social networking sites and receiving positive reviews from film critic sites. On Rotten Tomatoes, 71% of critics and 88% of the audience have left rave reviews for the series. Most of the praise goes to director Tim Burton and heroine Jenna Ortega for reviving a classic that is embedded in the Gen Z story.

One of the things that have helped the newly released film become a fever with the audience in the context of many remakes that are flooding the market is owning a cast of characters with their own charm in terms of fashion image and personality. way. The most special is the character – Wednesday Addams, a character who impresses from the first appearance with his quaint beauty, representing the Addams family to become an endless source of fashion inspiration on film and catwalks…

Wednesday Addams played by Jenna Ortega becomes the new Gothic fashion icon

Wednesday Addams

Before the 2022 version on Netflix, the character Wednesday Addams was repeatedly re-enacted on the screen. However, it wasn’t until the ’90s adaptation (played by Christina Ricci) that Wednesday’s ghostly fashion officially became an aesthetic icon of Gothic fashion.

If Wednesday in the 90s was obsessed with a black and white dress contrasting with vibrant red and characteristic braids, then the incarnation of actress Jenna Ortega, this character’s fashion was brought to the fore. up to a new level. Still, the costumes have a mysterious beauty, contrasting with two colors white – black, but “enchanted” in a creative and interesting way by legendary costume designer Colleen Atwood.

Throughout the episodes, fans can’t seem to take their eyes off the dark preppy style typical of Wednesday when entering Nevermore boarding school. The neat, “closed-door” uniforms revolved around dreary black and cold white with turtleneck boots or Prada loafers and mesh socks, becoming a defining brand for the unusual and distinctive style of a 16-year-old girl Wednesday.

Not only preferring a black dress with a white shirt collar but Wednesday’s wardrobe in modern times is also modified with stripes and polka dots. The details on Wednesday’s outfit are also newly created to bring a youthful Gothic style and easier to connect with the younger generation.

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Morticia Addams’ deadly gothic style played by Catherine Zeta-Jones

Gothic fashion isn’t usually associated with glamor, but Wednesday Addams made a connection between the two through her mother Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Morticia Addams is the epitome of classic Gothic beauty, nobility, and composure. Compared to her eldest daughter Wednesday, the Mortician mother is more mysterious with her body-hugging mermaid skirts with side slits but has a scary look with her deep lips and long flowing hair. Compared to the pure dark image of actress Anjelica Huston in the 1991 film The Addams Family, the version by Catherine Zeta-Jones has a slightly more feminine, salty taste.

wendy adams family

Enid Sinclair creates interesting contrasts through the language of fashion

In contrast to Wednesday’s lifeless, flat bangs, gothic black eyes and nails is the colorful look of Enid Sinclair, the protagonist’s roommate.

Possessing the most colorful and colorful costumes in the movie Wednesday Addams Netflix, Enid seems to be a character that goes against the gothic cinematic universe of director Tim Burton, who is famous for his horror, ghost, and creepy filmmaking style. creepy but still attractive with each beautiful footage. The contrast between the two roommates’ fashions, looks, and personalities helps to reduce the gloom, bringing a bright and varied look to a movie revolving around school stories.

Marilyn Thornhill appeared in boho chic

Actress Christina Ricci who played Wednesday in The Addams Family (1991) returns as Marilyn Thornhill.

There is no denying that the fashion of Wednesday and Morticia Addams provides the ultimate aesthetic source for those who want to pursue Gothic beauty. But Netflix’s hit series does not lack interesting wardrobes, but the closest is the style of the character Marilyn Thornhill.

In the movie, she is the representative of the boho chic style that is half romantic and half luxurious. Her fashion style creates closeness to viewers. Cardigans and wide-leg pants with easy-to-wear loafers. Most of Marilyn’s wardrobe has a relatively warm color palette, in contrast to most of the cold cabinets of the Wednesday Addams movie characters.


From the heat of the compelling plot and above all that Mazeshirt shares for you, the revival of Wednesday’s classic gothic outfits, the film led by Tim Burton promises to close a successful year-end season for Netflix when it comes to this time. , the hashtag about the movie has attracted 3.2 billion reminders on Tiktok!

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