14 Best Birthday Gifts For Male Friend 

birthday gifts for male friend

A birthday gift is not simply a gift that carries many different meanings from the giver to the recipient. Mazeshirt will suggest unique and impressive birthday gifts for male friend. Let’s refer!

Birthday gifts for male friend


Wallets are one of the favorite accessories of many boys

The wallet is one of the accessories that many boys love, whether middle-aged to young people, the wallet is always a unique and impressive gift.


Some wristwatch for Birthday gifts for male friend is not bad, now there are many unique and modern watch models such as smart, powerful, and luxurious watches like mechanical watches that are always attractive to you guys.


A pair of sneakers or loafers is consistently chosen as a gift for men the most. Shoes with beautiful designs from famous brands are definitely a unique gift for men, not only expressing the heart but also showing the friendship that is always there.


Most guys love technology items, there are many types of electronic devices that you can choose as gifts such as headphones, mini speakers, cameras, … to give your best friends, guaranteed Tell her she will appreciate this birthday gift very much.


For male’s birthdays, you can choose clothes according to your friends’ preferences and sizes as gifts. The cooler and better the quality, the more unique and impressive your gift will be to your friend, usually, the clothes have many designs and styles, so consider which one is suitable for your friend to choose the right one.

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birthday gifts for male friend

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Men’s perfume

Perfume is something that both men and women love, give your friend a bottle of men’s perfume with a favorite scent that is very suitable and practical, it not only creates a seductive scent but also increases the style and style. strong, but you should buy perfume from reputable brands to avoid buying the wrong product.


If your best friend is a gym or sports enthusiast, you can give him a sports suit or accessory as a gift that is also very practical and impressive.

Sport equipment

Having sports clothes is indispensable for sports equipment to add more fun to exercise or entertainment.

If he especially loves a certain sport such as badminton, football, tennis, or golf … then you should consider giving him birthday gift ideas for guy friends like badminton rackets, soccer balls, sports clothes, sports bags… if he loves gym activities.

Men’s cosmetics

Cosmetics today are not only for women but there are also cosmetic lines for men. You can buy men’s cosmetics as a gift, both thoughtful and valuable, this will definitely make your friend happy when receiving gifts from you.

Elegant tie

Choosing a tie as a birthday gift for a male best friend is not strange, but it is still an effective gift in all cases. Choose a plain tie if he likes simplicity, a small polka dot tie to accentuate his outfit, or a slanted striped tie if your best friend is a gentleman over 30.


Good wines or famous champagnes as gifts for close friends are also possible, especially for those who have a hobby of collecting wine bottles, the older the wine, the more valuable it is, this is one of the most expensive gifts.

Laptop bag

Whether your best friend is a student or an office worker, a laptop backpack is a highly practical item for him. Maybe he doesn’t mind that his bag is worn out, so his birthday is an opportunity to give him a backpack that is both trendy and can replace his old one.

Hair wax

Who doesn’t want to be a handsome man, right? Hair wax is a practical birthday gifts for male friend to help him increase his handsomeness.

Short trip

Plan and find out where you want to go with him, then let him know so you can arrange things before the trip. Traveling is a way for the two of you to share work experiences or interesting things in life. Or you can also gift this trip to your male best friend and his family.


A best friend is as important a person as your family. Birthday is the best occasion to choose a gift for him, it may not be a luxury gift, but if you sincerely choose a gift for them, the sentiment will be transmitted to them and your friendship will become even closer.

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