Top 10 famous cartoon characters in the world

cartoon characters

In particular, the images of the cartoon characters in the film always leave viewers with the most impression about the character’s own personality. Are you curious about the most favorite cartoon characters in the world? Let’s find out together in this article below!

Top 10 of the most favorite cartoon characters in the world

Mr. Bean – The Animated Series

Mr. Bean is one of the most cartoon characters built based on a real-life prototype. He is described as having the personality of a child but the body of an adult. The story revolves around this character just how he solves problems that occur at work or troubles in life. However, with his stupidity and humor, Mr. Bean has become the laughingstock of the world, bringing joy to everyone.

Ben Tennyson – Ben 10

Ben 10 cartoon is a famous character in animated movies about aliens. Ben has a hobby of playing video games, and riding bicycles and is also very naughty, often causing trouble for others. In one accident, Ben discovered the Omnitrix and he can transform into variations with terrible looks with great strength. This has helped Ben completely protect people from evil and other aliens.

Mickey Mouse

In the early years of the 20th century, the image of Mickey Mouse in the movie of the same name created a global fever. Mickey Mouse is considered a successful cartoon character of the famous Walt Disney studio.

Mickey first appeared in 1928, described as an extremely cute and gallant guy. In the movie, he is always accompanied by his lovely girlfriend Minnie and these actions have left many impressions, completely capturing the hearts of the young audience.

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If you are a follower of thrilling and fascinating detective stories, the attractive animation series ‘’ Conan Detective ” can be said to be a masterpiece not to be missed. Conan Boy – the main character, is a talented boy with detective Shinichi Kudo, due to taking drugs, his body shrunk. The content of the film is a continuation of the gruesome murder cases that seem to have gone and come to a standstill. But with inherent intelligence and sensitivity, Conan quickly broke the veil of secrecy to clarify the truth of the case. The film brings a feeling of suspense, excitement, and appeal to this day

Po – Kung Fu Panda

Po is a cute panda with a chubby body and likes to learn martial arts, but his father disagrees because he wants him to follow the business of selling bread. During a selection competition, Po was not allowed to enter the arena due to being late. He stood outside admiring his idol but accidentally threw himself into the crowd, at which point Oogway pointed at him and declared him the chosen one. From there, Po was able to fulfill his dream and become a kung-fu hero.

Elsa – Frozen

Elsa – cartoon network characters with a strong, resilient personality but also very proud, gentle, and kind. In the heart of this character is a fierce struggle with many emotions, especially the feeling of pain and frustration, in contrast to the strong and brave appearance. Elsa is completely different from the image of Disney’s previous princesses, weak, and always asking for help from others. It can be said that Elsa represents the beauty of a modern, intelligent, and brave woman.

Frozen is a film that has won 2 Oscars in the category “best-animated Film and best soundtrack. The film also achieved many other achievements, was highly appreciated by experts for its content, and achieved great success when brought Walt Disney a huge amount of up to $ 1.2 billion in box office revenue, thereby helping the film enter the list of the highest-grossing movies in the world.

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Surely our childhood cannot forget the image of a robotic cat from the future Doraemon in the Japanese cartoon of the same name. This animated film is not only influenced by children but also loved by adults. The robotic cat and the magic bag containing many treasures of the future world bring viewers exciting adventures with close friends.

Snow White

Known as the first Disney princess and also the main character in the world’s first full-length animated film, it is not difficult for Snow White to receive the love of millions of viewers. She also became a model for many Disney princesses in particular and the princess image in everyone’s mind later. This is also the first time, the famous line in all fairy tales “And then they lived happily together, forever after” appeared dignified on the big screen.

Superman – The Animated Series

Superman is an extremely popular cartoon character in the world, ranked 10th in the ranking. Superman impresses viewers when possessing extraordinary strength, and the ability to fly, and launch lasers. With his chivalry and bravery, Superman is loved by many people, especially children.

cartoon characters


Barbie – Cartoon characters that many girls love. Barbie first appeared in the movie “Barbie – Dream House” about 60 years ago. Barbie has a boyfriend named Ken and a group of very close sisters. She lives in a super cute pink mansion with her 3 younger sisters. Barbie makes a strong impression on young audiences through her perfection in fashion and her humble, friendly, and kind personality.


Above are the top 10 famous cartoon characters in the world. These characters can be considered monuments and are considered to live forever in the most popular animated movies. For more information on these interesting cartoon characters, follow Mazeshirt and see more interesting things.

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