Top 10 best Disney cartoon movies of all time

best animated movies of all time featured

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is also one of the classic Disney cartoon movies and is often rerun on television. The film tells the adventure through the oceans full of dangers but extremely meaningful of the little fish Nemo. Along with that is the journey to find a son who is not afraid of the hardships of father Marlin and his “reluctant” companion Dory. This is a very suitable movie for the whole family to gather together to enjoy on the weekend.


Have you ever imagined a day when the whole world is covered with ice and snow? Frozen is a Disney animated film about such a world. In order to bring back the green of the trees and flowers, Princess Anna and a stone salesman, a reindeer, and a snowman friend decided to find her sister Elsa – the ice queen.

Big Hero 6 – Disney superhero cartoon movies

The next name in the list of the most popular Disney cartoon movies is Big Hero 6. The main character of the movie is a 14-year-old boy Hiro and his robot friend Baymax. One day, bad guys appear to threaten the peace of the people, and Hiro and his robot squad have to fight against a violent opponent.

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The Lion King – the most popular Disney cartoon movies

Although born more than 20 years ago, The Lion King is still one of the most famous Disney cartoon movies and is loved by audiences around the world. The film tells the turbulent life of the lion Simba to regain what belongs to him. Through the personification of animals with personalities, thinking and acting like humans, the film contains many profound lessons. Besides, the music of the Lion King is also highly appreciated with many songs that are still attractive to this day.

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It would be remiss if the list of the most popular Disney cartoon movies did not have the appearance of a princess at all. Tangled is the story of a magical cloud-haired princess Rapunzel. She was locked up in a tower for 18 years by her foster mother – a witch. Drama emerges when Rapunzel meets the sneaky thief but hidden inside is the kind heart of Flynn Rider and he begins an adventure to find the world that belongs to him. Turn on your laptop or PC monitor to enjoy this fascinating movie.

Disney Animation – WALL-E

WALL-E is cartoon movies with a topical nature when the Earth is so full of garbage that people have to evacuate to space. And WALL-E is a lone robot tasked with cleaning up trash on Earth. One day, WALL-E meets Eve, a modern “female” robot tasked with searching for life on Earth. And from here, the love robot begins a memorable adventure.

The Incredibles

The Incredibles is cartoon movies about the everyday life after the retirement of a family of 5 all superheroes with unique abilities. However, the re-emergence of the father has inadvertently put the family in danger. They must unite together to defeat the bad guys to protect the peaceful life of the people.


The Disney movie Moana is about the journey of a friend named Moana – a Polynesian tribesman. She was originally the daughter of the patriarch, so she had a strong temperament and a desire to conquer the sea. Moana’s journey begins when disaster strikes the island, so Moana is forced to set sail to find Maui, a legendary demigod in the hope of saving her people. Audiences will be immersed in the vast ocean scenery. At the same time, this cartoon movies also has a deep meaning of sincerity, faith, and forgiveness


Miracle Life is a 2020 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. The film left a big mark with 3 Oscar nominations and won 2 awards for Best Animated Feature, Best Original Soundtrack, and many other awards and nominations.

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The cartoon movies Soul is about Joe Gardner, a middle school teacher with an undying love for jazz music. But after an unexpected accident, his soul suddenly got lost in You Seminar – the world of spirits. Then he meets a partner who is soul number 22. The two characters have two completely different goals when Joe Gardner tries to find a way to return to earth to fulfill his desire and soul number 22 still cannot. find a reason to exist. It is this contradiction that creates a great message for the film about the true value of life.


The Disney Onward cartoon is about a world that used to be magical. However, thanks to the great progress of modern science, magic has become obsolete and erased. Meanwhile, in the modern world, two brothers named Bradley and Ian are living with their mother. Mom left a gift the late father wanted to give both of them. It is a magic stick and magic book that has the ability to revive the father for 24 hours. Then, under the guidance of the ancient treasure, the two brothers together search for the remaining magic to meet their deceased person.


Cartoon movies are always famous for their attractive, cute character designs, associated with childhood and imprinted in memory. The weekend is the ideal time for the whole family to enjoy the best cartoon movies that Mazeshirt has shared with you.

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