The Thrill At Halloween Horror Nights 10 Has Arrived

Universals Halloween Horror Nights Scare Zone

From September to November, Universal Studios Singapore once again presents to everyone the epic, creepy event that has been awaited all year long, which is Halloween Horror Nights 10. This is an event that attracts the attention of the crowd of young people in the Halloween season.

1. One of the most anticipated events of Halloween

Universal Halloween Horror Nights is an annual Halloween-themed event at Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando, Hollywood, Japan and Singapore. This year, the event was introduced on a grand scale at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Promoted as one of the darkest and most terrifying experiences of the seasons. Featuring limited-time attractions, shows, and many activities that you can only find at the USS. With 3 haunted houses, 2 scare zones and 3 special experiences, one of the world’s biggest Halloween experiences is now ready to make you scream.

To attend this monumental event, you can choose your own creepy and mysterious clothes. Take a look at some of the Halloween horror nights styles below:

the Halloween horror nights styles

Halloweentown University Gift T-Shirt

A black t-shirt with an orange pumpkin symbol folded like a Mickey Mouse gives it a unique feel that is both mysterious and adorable.

Halloween Doodles T-Shirt

Halloween Doodles T-Shirt

The unique and creepy Halloween symbols such as skulls, pumpkins, ghosts, etc. on a black fabric background add to the darkness of the night.

Halloween G59 T-Shirt

Halloween G59 T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a black t-shirt with a mysterious and creepy feel to it with a skull, this is a great choice for you.

2. A series of experiential activities took place at Halloween Horror Nights

Three haunted houses

Halloween horror nights haunted houses are organized and decorated to bring a sense of extreme horror and challenge to visitors with the villain Killustrator character. This villain’s monstrous creations are something to behold for fans of social media, and this crazed lunatic is ready to torment and torture any soul unfortunate enough to meet him.

For the fearless, head to Operation: Deadly Force with your crew and descend into the special secret underground bunker combo lab. The Special Forces Against the Dead (SFAD) is open to recruiting more agents to join the secret force against the rising zombie apocalypse.

To see the last of the 3 special haunted houses in Halloween Horror Nights 10, please check into the horror hotel Hospitality of Horror. Reportedly, this rundown hotel is reopening to visitors after years of being abandoned. You will surely be captivated by its beauty…there lies a sinister secret and some unfinished business. Thousands of restless ghosts will take care of you so hard that you will hardly find it. Please check out genuine service standards and great hospitality.

Two Sinister Scare Zones

Do you believe in horoscopes? Unfortunately no good omens to be found here! Experience corruption and evil in this terrifying area where a prophecy will be fulfilled, and offerings will be sacrificed. The Dark Zodiacs will be summoned by Horrorcle himself to reincarnate as the supreme leader of evil, bringing darkness to the vital species.

At the heart-stopping heart of The Hunt for Pontianak in Halloween Horror Nights 10, delve into the darkness of Malaysia’s mysterious jungle following the KOLs who are missing while searching for Pontianak, one of the East’s most bloodthirsty souls in Southeast Asia.

Exciting live show is waiting for you

Witness The Silenced Auction, a bone-chilling live show where all hell breaks loose at an art auction. The crazed killer, named Killustrator, waits for his limelight to reveal gruesome plans in a combination of thrilling music, bright lights and terrifying special effects signature Universal Studios Singapore.

Special experiences

Join the dinner party that brings you the horror of a lifetime! During the Séance Dinner, all sorts of zombie midwives will call out ghostly ghosts, along with the infamous Miss Fortune, while you sit down to your mouth-watering meal! (surcharges apply).

3. Conclusion

Your Halloween season would not be complete without this special magical experience. Those are exciting, mystical activities only available at The Halloween Horror Nights.

Mazeshirt hopes the above sharing will help you better understand one of the most outstanding events of the Halloween season that you should not miss.

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