Planting Pumpkin Seeds: How To Grow And Best Care For Pumpkin

Planting Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin is so familiar to our food and dishes, it can be made into many different dishes and is suitable for all ages. This is not difficult if you want to own super-fruitful, super-delicious planting pumpkin seeds by yourself.

Things to know about pumpkin

Pumpkin, also known as pumpkin, was first discovered in Mexico and North America, then it became an extremely popular fruit in people’s meals. native people. Later, we were imported to more countries and are widely available today.

The pumpkin has a rather large secretariat, which can be said to be one of the largest log results currently in the world. Usually, the fruit will be spherical, but some types of pumpkin have a cylindrical shape. When unripe, the skin is gray-green, when fully ripe, it is orange-red. When supplemented, the resulting fruit contained a lot of pumpkins and seeds. Pumpkin is soft, sweet when cooked, and very easy to eat, pumpkin contains a lot of vitamin A and substances that are beneficial to the user’s health.

The first steps when planting pumpkin seeds

Best time for planting pumpkin seeds

The best time for planting pumpkin seeds is spring, summer, and autumn, seasons with warm weather. Because usually, pumpkin seeds will not grow in winter and cold soil. The maturation time of pumpkins is about 3 to 4 months.

Where to grow a pumpkin

After you have arranged the right time to plant pumpkin seeds, the next thing you need to do is find a place to plant. Pumpkin is a vine-like plants, so the planting space needs to be enough for the plant to develop fully.

Choose a place that has the following features:

They are about 5-10m wide or can be planted next to straight spots so they climb up without creeping all over your plot.

In particular, the place for planting pumpkin seeds must have full sunlight, and the time of day the plant is exposed to sunlight as long as possible. The soil is full of nutrients and water and can ensure good drainage.

You can prepare compost to fertilize the soil with more nutrients. You should compost before preparing the soil. After the soil is available, bury the composted fertilizer in the soil for about 5-7 days before planting.

The best care technique when planting pumpkin seeds

Water supply

Pumpkin seeds for plan, water supply is essential, especially in low-humidity soil and hot dry weather. Pumpkin plants need a lot of water to grow. When watering, it is advisable to water a lot until it penetrates deep into the soil. The deeper the water goes, the more roots will grow according to the depth of the water. You should water plants in the morning, not only pumpkin, but this time is suitable for most plants.

A note to remember is that you absolutely do not get the water left on the pumpkin leaves. Because then, your plants are more susceptible to diseases, namely powdery mildew on leaves. This fungus causes the leaves to become sick, wither and die gradually.

The tree will grow and flower and bear fruit. At first, the fruit is green, after they turn orange, you water them down gradually, until harvest, and stop completely before 1 week.


Fertilizer is indispensable when growing plants. From the beginning of sowing to the time of planting, about 1-2 weeks after sowing, it is necessary to fertilize. However, the fertilizer at this time is different from the compost composted at the time of sowing.

Weeds and Pests

To be able to avoid pests, you must always pay attention to your plants regularly. If weeds are present, weeds should be removed so that they do not take all the nutrients of the plant. If there are bugs, aphids, or leaf or stem pests, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible so that they don’t harm the pumpkin. Usually, the most common method is to spray pesticides directly on the plants.

Check the condition of the squash

When the pumpkins have gradually turned orange and hardened, the stems will wither. This is a sign that the pumpkin is ready to be harvested. If harvested earlier, the pumpkin will spoil faster.

Pumpkin harvest

Use a knife or scissors to cut the stem of the squash. Should cut the stem about 3-5cm away from the squash, and keep the stalk on the fruit to keep it longer.

Preserve pumpkins after harvest

After harvesting, if you do not use all of it, you can store the remaining squash in a dry place, avoiding places with moisture and direct sunlight. Just do it right, you can keep them in the month after harvest.

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Planting Pumpkin Seeds

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Above is the entire technique of planting pumpkin seeds that Mazeshirt wants to share with you. Wish you success and a super fruit and super delicious pumpkin garden.

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