Masquerade Party And Attractive Gifts On Happy Halloween

masquerade party

Have you chosen the costume character and the gifts yet? If not, we will present great ideas for the upcoming Halloween 2022 masquerade party.

What interesting gifts should be given at the masquerade party?

Since ancient times, Halloween parties have always had a special attraction. This is a holiday when couples have to give each other meaningful gifts—also known as 2-way gift giving.

Therefore, there is nothing more appropriate than two people going to buy costumes and accessories such as clothes, shoes, etc. What is more remarkable when two people wear the same “outfit” to go out on Halloween night?

Halloween Doodles T-Shirt

Halloween Doodles T-Shirt

This Halloween Doodles T-Shirt is designed with images familiar with Halloween such as creepy ghosts, magic books, and mysterious pumpkins….
Made from specially spun fibers that make solid and smooth fabric, perfect for printing, making you feel comfortable playing a long day during the carnival.


Halloween Pumpkin Cat T-Shirt

If you are looking for a trending shirt, no need to worry, we have covered you back with a Halloween Pumpkin Cat tee. Browse through the most trending shirts and choose one that appeals to you. From corporate to casual, from movies to music, from comics to love, from cute to funny. There is something for everyone.

Makeup Tools

If you don’t know what to give your girlfriend or boyfriend for Halloween, the costume tool is a trendy gift. However, for makeup tools, it depends on each person’s preferences because not everyone likes to dress up to go out for Halloween.

 masquerade party

Halloween masks and accessories

The most interesting part of Halloween is the carnival, so Halloween gifts are masks or uniquely designed costumes that will make a practical impression on everyone. There are many choices of Halloween costume gifts for you to choose from such as devil masks, witch hats, and horror character costumes. Especially, there are many super unique masks with creepy faces for you to choose from.

Halloween gift bag

This Halloween you want to receive many gifts? So of course there must be a gift bag. Pumpkin-shaped gift bags will be unique gifts at the masquerade party. With a compact design and lovely images of Halloween such as bats, ghosts, or Halloween-themed characters, lovely will make the recipient fall in love. The most common are pumpkin-shaped gift bags, which can also be used to store candy.

Pumpkin candle

The funny scented pumpkin candles will be a lighted gift on Halloween night, a gift that many people choose because they are small and unique but have many attractive scents such as fragrant lemongrass, rose, and green tea. for you to choose freely.

Or you can be creative and make a pumpkin candle to give to your relatives or friends is also a good idea. There is no gift more precious than a gift that you make yourself, send your feelings full of gratitude and through the gift and give it to them.

Top 5 favorite characters in Masquerade party

This is a list of famous scary Halloween characters chosen by many people for this masquerade party. You can refer to each character’s information before deciding to dress up.

The Joker

The Joker clown is one of the cosplay characters that many people choose. Joker has a grudge against Batman. The Joker’s appearance is quite impressive with his thin figure, silvery white skin, heavily embellished eyes, and lips… Especially the Joker represents a formidable super villain. His smile was wide and mournful, and his laughter rang out in fear.

Masquerade party


You will put on a floating dress – this is the signature outfit of the character Cinderella. This is also a suggestion of Halloween costume characters chosen by many people. The beautiful Princess Cinderella with her bouncy hair and delicate face will be a friendly image for the Halloween season with more colors.

Mickey Mouse

The funny little Mickey Mouse was also chosen as a character costumes for the Halloween festival. Mickey’s character has the shape of a mouse. Small, smart, always smiling. You can choose a plush suit to wear all over or use some accessories like a funny Mickey Mouse glowing mask to illustrate the character

Dinosaur Dinosaur

Besides the violent dinosaurs, there are also cute dinosaurs. You can transform into a tyrannosaur. Sharp teeth, angry eyes, and sharp spikes are the appearance of dinosaurs. Dinosaur costumes are usually jumpsuits.


Spooky pumpkins will be super cute masquerade images for little ones. However, adults can also refer. From the image of a ghostly pumpkin with many different expressions, you can create an expression. Usually will be costumed with skirts, gowns, hats… The usual color is orange. An impressive image is a grumpy, creepy smiley face…


Mazeshirt has suggested for you Halloween ideal gifts and costumes from today’s most popular cartoon characters. Hope you have a special makeover and shine in the happy Halloween masquerade party

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