Easter Day 2023 – Meaning and The best gift for this day

Easter story

Easter day is a phrase that most of us must have heard. So what is Easter? Mazeshirt will go with readers to find out in this article.

1. What is Easter day?

Easter day is the day that Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of the prophet (Jesus). The prophet is considered by the religious scriptures to be the son of the supreme being who created all things. His tragic death was his payment for the sins of mankind. At the same time, Easter day also celebrates the covenant between man and the supreme being.

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2. Origin of Easter

Easter usually takes place on any Sunday in late March or early April to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead after being crucified. Easter does not have a fixed date, but people usually count Easter to take place on the first Sunday after the first full moon or after the spring equinox. Therefore, Easter day is also considered a spring festival, celebrating the change of seasons with many brilliant colors. This year (2023), Easter falls on Sunday, April 9.

3. The meaning of Easter

Resurrection is central to faith in Christianity. Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross but then, from the dead, rose again and ascended to Heaven in triumph. Because Jesus overcame death and was resurrected, Christians, believe that only He has the power to give them eternal life. And that faith is something that Christians say every year on Easter day, as well as every week on Sunday.

Easter is also a festival of hope because it is time for spring to return to all species. Nature is so wonderful, the tree branches are bare during the cold winter, but only after a warm sunny day brought by Spring, do the buds or young leaves have been tender on the branches.

4. Symbols of Easter

On this day, people often give each other colorful decorated eggs, rabbits, or iconic slices of Jambon for this holiday.

  4.1 Easter Eggs

Eggs are the oldest symbol of Easter, symbolizing fertility. On this occasion, people often give each other colorful decorated eggs made of chocolate, plaster, or even wool, very eye-catching, illustrated by themselves to replace wishes.

Westerners believe that this Earth was originally hatched from a giant egg. In the Appalachian mountains, ancient healers used to use a ripe egg, rotated on the belly of a pregnant mother, thereby predicting the future fertility of the child.

The role of the cultural symbol of eggs in life is increasingly important. The custom of exchanging eggs was also present in many significant civilizations.

Archaeological studies have proven that the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians had the custom of decorating eggs as gifts from at least 50,000 years ago. Perhaps for these reasons, eggs are recognized as an indispensable symbol of Easter day.

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  4.2 Pretty bunny

In addition to the symbol of fertility, the rabbit symbolizes abundant and strong vitality. In particular, the rabbit is associated with the legend of Ostara, also known as Easter. The name of this spring goddess is used to give the name of Easter.

According to legend, there was a time when the goddess brought spring to Earth late, causing all species to suffer the cold, including a dying bird with its wings closed. Out of compassion, Ostara turned the bird into a pet rabbit, granting it the ability to lay eggs and the ability to run fast. With this ability, the goddess who wants him to breathe will take care of all the work of giving gifts to children when spring comes.

However, later on, the magic rabbit accidentally made Ostara angry. It was thrown into the sky by the god and turned into the constellation Lepus. Year, rabbits are only allowed to come down to earth once in the spring to give lovely eggs to the people of the world.

  4.3 Jambon

Traditional Jambon has never been absent from the tables of Christians around the world on ascension day. For them, pork is considered God’s food. If the first full moon of autumn is the best time to salt pork reserves, spring is when Westerners use this stock. Therefore, Jambon becomes a traditional dish on the table every Easter.

  4.4 New clothes

It is believed that wearing new clothes during Easter will bring good luck for the rest of the year. According to the concept, new clothes represent renewal and lucky beginnings – important elements of each Easter every year.

For Catholics, Easter also represents a belief in rebirth, hoping for good things. That is also the message that this Easter is conveying to people around the world.

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  4.5 Easter flowers

The Germans often use fresh twigs, hang eggshells, colorful paints, and chocolate bunnies for children, and commonly used flowers such as narcissus, diamondback, chrysanthemum, and dandelion.

  4.6 Easter Hymns

Easter songs are also an important part of this special holiday. The lyrics and melody of the song will express joy and joy. Express gratitude and wishes for a positive and lucky life.

5. Customs and Rituals

The week before Easter day, called Holy Week, runs from Palm Sunday (or Passion Sunday) to the end of Holy Saturday (or Passover Vigil). This week, Christian churches commemorate the Passion of Jesus, celebrating the miracles that Jesus accomplished in his last days on earth. For Christians, every act of service this week speaks to an attitude of sorrow, but with gratitude that God made himself human to suffer and die for sinful humanity.

In many Western countries, Easter consists of a Sunday and chewing is an official holiday: In Europe like Germany, Good Friday is also an official holiday, on this day, places of joy. Playhouses, theaters, and shops are closed to commemorate the Passion of Jesus.


Hopefully, our above sharing has helped you know what Easter Day is, and the legend of this day. Thank you for following the article on Mazeshirt! Happy Easter Day!

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