Best Halloween Costumes In 2022

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Halloween is coming, have you found the creepy Halloween costumes to give to those around you? If you haven’t thought of any interesting ideas, please refer to the best Halloween costumes for a couple.

What is Halloween day? 

Halloween (also known as the Festival of the Devil) is an annual festival held on October 31 every year, for young people this day is considered as a New Year, the most joyful festival of the year. mystery and allure. Halloween is a mixture of religious rituals and ancient practices of many different cultures. During the festival days, people race to decorate effigies: witches, black cats, ghostly flashing pumpkins; make-up, mask, create mannequins…. This is also the occasion to give your family, lover, or friends the best Halloween costumes.

The origin of Halloween today’s 

Halloween dates back to the Celts who lived more than 2000 years ago in the lands of what is now England, Ireland, and northern France. The Celts believed that on the eve of the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred, and the spirits of the dead could return to the earth, so they often lit fires and wore costumes. to ward off evil spirits or welcome relatives “home” on this festival night. 

Meaning of Halloween 

Honoring and remembering saints and deceased relatives, Halloween is first held on the eve of All Saints’ Day (1-11) and ends on All Souls’ Day (2-11). are 3 consecutive days and are celebrated with meaning to honor the saints who have or have not been to Heaven. In addition, this day is also meant to remember the loved ones who have passed away. During Halloween, the spirits of the dead will be allowed to visit their families. Roman Catholics believe that earthly prayers will help souls wash away their sins and soon return to God.

Best Halloween Costumes Ideas

Couple Clothes

Halloween is not October 20, Halloween is not like March 8, Halloween is a holiday where couples have to give each other meaningful gifts—also known as 2-way gift giving.

Therefore, there is nothing more appropriate than when two people go to buy clothes and accessories such as shirts, pants, shoes, etc. What is better than when two people wear the same “outfit” for a night out?

Disney Halloween, Mickey Skeleton

Disney Halloween, Mickey Skeleton T-Shirt

If you are looking for a trending shirt, no need to worry, we have covered your back with Disney Halloween, Mickey Skeleton tee. Browse through the most cartoon of shirts and choose one that appeals to you.

Halloween Cakes

You must have known about the famous Trick-or-treat activity on Halloween. At this time, the children will dress up as ghosts and go to the neighbor’s house to ask for candy. Of course, the neighbors had already prepared the candy in advance.

Because it is a popular activity, on this day, giving someone a cake or candy is also very appropriate. And depending on the country, there will be typical cakes (toffee in the UK, barmbrack in Ireland, Pão-por-deus in Portugal, Pan de Muerto in Mexico, Huesos de Santo in Spain, …).

best Halloween costumes for a couple

Skeleton Jewelry Hand

The metal joints move independently so you can pose the hand to best show off your treasures.

Fashion accessories are always the right gift for every occasion because of their practicality of this gift. Fashion accessories can include rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and charm bracelets… if they are attached with stones, they will be much more beautiful.

best Halloween costumes for a couple

Roses- best Halloween costumes for a couple.

Black rose possesses mysterious beauty, cold and beautiful but equally innocent. Giving your girlfriend a black rose is also very suitable for Halloween. You can also include meaningful messages and stories, which will make her more curious about the Halloween gifts you sent her.

Candy Pumpkins And Ghosts

On every Halloween, people often give each other cakes or candies decorated with Halloween themes such as spiders, witches, pumpkins, vampires, and ghosts… to express their affection. conclude. So treat her to a great Halloween candy, boys!


In American culture, the dreamcatcher is considered an object that aims to prevent bad luck and bring peace to people. Therefore, you can give a unique Halloween costumes-themed dreamcatcher that will be a meaningful gift for your girlfriend. This is one of the best costumes, which makes her feel surrounded and protected.

Handmade-Best Halloween costumes

What could be more wonderful and cuter than giving her a unique handmade Halloween gift? You can buy it at a souvenir shop or make it yourself. It is even more specific and meaningful. These handmade gifts have a great sense of meaning. Surely when your girlfriend receives this gift, she will feel your love for her.

Halloween Gnomes Cute Autumn Pumpkin Fall Funny Holiday Women white

Halloween Gnomies Cute Autumn Pumpkin Fall T-Shirt.

A pumpkin T-shirt is a Halloween gift for children who are both cute and paired with their parents.

Lip balm

You can find lip balms designed with fun and spooky packaging to give as gifts to relatives and friends this Halloween. Cosmetic companies today are very aware of user tastes and have changed the packaging of cosmetic products to suit the Halloween atmosphere!


Above are our suggestions for unique and impressive gifts that you can give to friends, relatives, or couples on the occasion of the upcoming Halloween. I hope you have a good time and choose meaningful Halloween costumes for your partner!

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