Best Style You Need To Know To Match Your Outfit

Best Style

Over hundreds of years of development, many concepts of best style have been formed and become popular.

Let’s review the most outstanding fashion best style with Mazeshirt, and catch the trend to mix and match in the article below!

Classic style

Glamor and elegance are what people often use to describe the classic best style. With traditional and aristocratic features, outfits that pursue this style are often made from neutral, neutral tones and materials, not too flashy but still fully expressing romance. and delicate in the dress.

Indispensable items to create Classic Style can be mentioned as pencil skirts, tweed jackets, berets, etc., mixed & matched to show elegance and sophistication. The signature hairstyle and makeup also become an indelible mark for the boys and girls who pursue this style.

Vintage and Retro style

The best outfit for women just like classic fashion, Vintage, and Retro style outfits are also inspired by the past but developed in a way that is more diverse and easier to apply in everyday fashion.

Flared skirts, shirt skirts, V-neck dresses, wide-leg pants, and blazers… are all items that are bold in the spirit of Vintage and Retro best style. These two styles themselves also have certain differences, while the Vintage style is the items “restored” from the past, keeping the characteristics of shape and material, the Retro style emphasizes Old and antique lines mixed with new, more modern materials.

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Minimalist fashion style

Best Style

Contrary to the fussiness and brilliance seen in fashion, the minimalist style as a frugal dish helps to balance the stylish party that is already full of unique spices. The motto of this style is simplicity and sophistication, favoring neutral colors and meticulously finished lines.

Simplicity and sophistication, favoring neutral colors and meticulously finished lines.

Minimalist fashion is almost suitable for everyone, blurring the boundaries of age, shape, and gender with its neutral beauty and not following the usual standards of color and body contours.

Bohemian style

Originating from the nomadic class living everywhere in Europe, the Bohemian best style emphasizes freedom and freedom, expressing the desire to break all rules of the nomads.

The followers of the best summer outfits for guy often appear in costumes with romantic motifs, maxi dress designs, floating blouses, and characteristic blonde hair. This is also the style often seen in the popular music festival seasons, on the stages, and in the audience seats.

Sporty fashion style

Sporty and trendy, Sporty or Sporty Chic style is a combination of sportswear and casual wear. This is a way to dress towards dynamism, convenience, and high applicability, showing abundant energy from the wearer.

Fashion Street Style

The phrase Street Style or Street Style is used relatively commonly in the fashion-loving community. However, to understand correctly, Street Style is simply street style – a combination of different fashion styles that you can easily encounter on the road.

Street-style clothes are often aimed at comfort, dynamism, and creativity according to each person’s own personality.

Tomboy best style

Tomboy fashion appeared in the gender equality movement, when personality girls put on strong and liberal fashion items like men, bearing bold feminist messages.

Nowadays with active promotion on catwalks and celebrities, Tomboy style is becoming more and more popular in the daily fashion of many young girls.

Magical Gothic style

Fans of “vampire” movies certainly cannot ignore this mysterious, ghostly fashion style. Items from lace and sheer fabrics and accessories from studs, and feathers… along with pale white makeup, crimson lipstick, and dark smoky gray eyes make this style extremely impressive and outstanding. 

While this may not seem like the right way to dress for most people in everyday fashion, it will almost certainly make you stand out at parties, music festivals, or in the evening.

Best Style

Pop Art in Fashion

Pop Art simply means popular art, inspired by Pop Art works that appeared in the 1950s. With striking color schemes and impressive silhouettes, the outfits that follow this style always tend to be bold and a little rebellious.

The Pop Art trend is not only popular when applied to clothes, but accessories, bags, and shoes also inherit a lot of unique details from this art school.

Grunge style

Have you ever thought that dressing sloppily has also become the best style? – That was the beginning of the Grunge style. Originating from the rock music and skateboarding community on the street, the Grunge style became popular with the promotion of a series of famous stars: Kurt Cobain, Kate Moss, and Taylor Momsen…

Grunge fashion style emphasizes irregularity and likes worn-out items, typical items of this dress can be mentioned: baggy jeans, shapeless dresses, and pairs of old worn-out shoes.

Unisex fashion best style

Surely fashion lovers are no strangers to Unisex fashion, honoring non-gender beauty, and breaking down gender stereotypes in fashion. Unisex fashion trends, although still facing a lot of mixed opinions, still develop strongly and appear widely, weaving in shows, cult events, top stars, or famous celebrities. even in street fashion everywhere.


Above is a brief introduction to 11 popular and impressive fashion styles that you should know to mix and match, I hope to help you find your favorite style and gain more interesting knowledge—fashion taste.

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